I finally let my hair down.

Unlike Rapunzel and the head full of hair that flows like a river, straight that sits on the head of a black woman that she usually has paid good money for. Yes. I let my natural hair out.

My coils are tight and kinky. My hair is reddish blonde. I am finding comfort in my own tresses.

My natural hair.

I have finally fallen in love with me.

When i fell in love with me and decided to wear my natural hair my little girl who looks up to me and wants to do everything I do said she wanted to wear her hair like mine.

So as she walks into her classroom all of her classmates laugh at her.

Her teacher shut that down really fast. But my daughter innocently asked why were her friends laughing at her.

I knew it was about her hair, but I had to explain that sometimes when people see things that they havent seen before they dont know how to respond so they laugh.

I told her that she was confident and beautiful. that to be different was a blessing. We break the mold, not make it. We dont follow the crowd, we leaders of the pack.

Females been following suit for years. I never saw skinny leg jeans in Chicago or leg warmers wrapped around skinny leg jeans bright colors and an arm full of different colored bracelets before I started doing me in 2007. Then the fad trend began. 

I have never had a problem being different.

so i wonder why now I have a problem with my voice being different from others. The rest of the world is looking for a different sound. But I’m always trying to make my voice sound like someone who already has a sound. I’m Radiance, how could I be anyone else?

So. As my daughter and I walk around with our kinky coiled hair wild and free we enjoy being different.

Why be anyone else when you can be yourself. The faster you get to you the faster the people that are meant to be for you will come to you. 

I guess I will stop trying to be anything other than me. When God looked back at his creation he saw that it was good. He looks at me and since he created me I am good. My lashes are fine the way they are.  an extension of the real thing can’t be better than the design maker made them to be. Straight flowing hair that belongs on the head of a brazilian woman wont make me an African American woman any more good than these coils that are drawn up so my beautiful features can be seen and accentuated. Nails that extend from my hands wont make me anymore of a lady, cat like in clawing for attention to be seen.

But it took losing someone I love to realize that the love for self never leaves, and was never based on that persons love in the first love. Because my first love, God, never left me, and when He looked at all he created he said it was Good.

So yes I am good. I hope you’re good too.


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