Dear So and So.

I’m sorry I had to go.

I had to change my number and erase yours

Because I cannot allow you to hurt me anymo’.

Yes. It’s that simple.

I’m a different breed of person. Most people fear change so when it’s time to let go of something that is hurtful they still cling on for dear life.

Not I. I let go and move on and very rarely look back.

So so and so. You hurt me. You lied. You cheated me out of my time, other options and opportunities, friendships and my personal self worth and esteem.

You treated me of little value then manipulated me by trying to send messages that would tug on my heart strings when you had no intentions of doing right by me.

You shoulda sent me flowers. 

As an apology.

You shoulda wrote me a poem. Then invited me to an open mic and recited it for me. You shoulda wined and dined me. 

Forget all that. 

You shoulda told me the truth.


Honesty to let me know you valued me enough to tell me the truth because you love me enough to not want to lose me because I cannot stay when someone lies.

The fastest way to get me to move out of anyone’s life is to lie to me and I find out you were lying. 

How can we move forward if I can’t trust the words of your mouth?

So so and so. I hope this season you don’t try to find me. I don’t want you bringing any numbers to place on my car windshield.

So so and so. I hope this season doesn’t have you calling our mutual friend to try and connect.

So so and so. Forget about the seed you left behind. I can’t even get any help from your family because of continuous lies. Because none of y’all have te decency to care for her life. Because my daughter should not be asking the friends of her father to be her father, when that man has too much on his plate already, but he loves children so much he’s willing to give what he doesn’t have to give.

Dear so and so. Please stop telling people you even knew me.

Dear so and so. The last so and so. After all the culminations of so and sos. I hate I met everyone else before I did you. I wish things could have been different. I wish you would be honest about your truth enough to bring it to Jesus so he can fix, change and rearrange. I wish our love had a fair shake and shot. I hope I see you again and forgiveness is in your heart. I hope you understand I asked what I asked in a non judge mental place. See I don’t care if you are or aren’t. If you did or you didn’t. Love is… More than this foolishness here.

But. For everyone else. I had to go. I chose y’all but I don’t have to keep choosing what’s not good for me.

Goodbye. Adios. Adieu. And goodnight. Thanks for the lessons. But I’d rather not carry the weight of all of you into my new season with God. I hope I left my mark. I hope God imprinted his with the words he sent through me.

Be blessed.. Always!


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