It’s been a long day already and it’s only noon.

Sundays be like that for me.

Sunday service starts at 7:30 so I’m up hitting the alarm repeatedly by 5:20. 

After standing in the line of Chicagos west side jerk taco fix for almost an hour the night before. I left my vegan life for a week. But I’ll be back. Six days a week with an opt in or out day for the rest of the year.

Anyway. I’m tired. 

After service here I am running to drop off my precious package of a daughter and head to work. I sit there for two hours before getting an 8 hour assignment so I’m not quite interested in riding the bus to get my bus, seeing as I’m going to need coffee on my break.

Anyway I’m driving down the street and I see the last man I was entangled with before walking with Christ. 

I blow my horn and stop. I wave and say hello. He’s pulling at my car door thinking I want to let him in. Not a chance.

I let him in before. He didn’t know how to value or appreciate who and what I was and had to give so why would I foolishly allow him the opportunity to come in again?

He commented on my work uniform and implied that I was doing well. The last time he was around I was working three jobs. One as a school bus driver. Two others as a CNA and not even able to make enough ends to meet to pay my $650 rent. About to get evicted but by the grace of God I got a free pass! See I’ve never been the woman that depends on man, or her body, or illegal street pharmaceuticals to make my money. God has been consistent and faithful in my life.

Anyway. I was overjoyed. Bubbling over with the words my sister in Christ was allowing to flow through her from God. Think into about what being faithful to God brings and te privileges I can afford from delighting myself in The Lord. 

Psalms 37:4 reminds us that if we delight ourselves in The Lord he will give us the secret desires of our hearts!! 

All I wanted was my more than enough to take care of my hold. A few real and authentic sister friends. And some real love. 

I found all three in just my short walk. I’ve fallen. I get back up. The Lord keeps using me. He keeps blessing me. And I keep giving him the praise and worship he is due!!

So no thank you. To the ones that want to come back in. 

I saw then tired look in his eyes and hoped he remembered my reminder to not let chicago eat him alive but from the looks of things that’s exactly what he was doing. Letting the partying and people who were headed nowhere keep him from reaching his own goals. 

Yep. See me. But most importantly see the God in me. The greater is he that lives in me than the one whos in the world!! See what all God has done for my life and understand why I can’t let those who dream so small and let others keep them from teaching their goals back in.

The end!!


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