I finally know who I am to the Lord! 

I think I always knew but who wants to have a Jeremiah like anointing. It’s always gloom and doom with the messages the Lord sends me for others. 

Straighten out or deal with his wrath!!!

In this generation where everyone wants to shout over houses and cars and husbands or wives, my messages are disregarded!

So I saw a lying so and so today. I am not delivered from cursing in my mind, but in order to please my Abba, Papa, whom I love dearly. My Father in heaven I am working on keeping my mouth shut. Only love, light and warnings that come before destruction shall come out.

Gods will. 

Well I saw him. 

After the man who is holding the key to my heart  said what he said to try and discourage me.

I wanted to fight the liar. But I remembered. My Papa is the God who always wins against his enemies. And this man sowed seeds of discord between my man and I with his blatant lies. Papa knows I been crying out for family. Someone to love and love me and this lying man with his love for sodomous acts which in fact is an abomination before God, lied to me to sever the ties that had our love bound to hope for a better life! 

So. I see my baby. Eyes that’s usually blue when he sees me are now green with his nonchalance.

Immediately I’m repentant for every heart I’ve broken. Every man I hurt purposely. Like please Lord mend the hurtful things I’ve done.

Because where I was healing. Seeing him was like snatching the bandaid off. 

I’m on the verge of breakdown. Especially after I come off break and get a bus and see his hair net on the floor of the bus. A bag that carried the burger he left work with and ate, and I hollered out to my Papa in such agony it felt like a hole was in my chest.

So I’m driving. Anyway. Being nice anyway. Still being courteous anyway. My baby taught me that. How to be nice anyway when you’re hurting. The show must go on.

A woman gets on board. She has cardboard. Holy Spirit ignites my curiosity. So I ask her what does it say.

She says, it’s a cool board that says go be light.

I almost start crying. 

I tell her my name is Radiance.

She has tears in her eyes as well as she can sense the hurt bubble in my chest I’m guessing. So she says she will make something for me. She does.

Be light in this world of darkness!

Yes. And when I’m on the verge of a breakdown Papa comes for me. To soothe me. And send the Holy Spirit to comfort me. I call out. He comes.

My bus breaks down. I can’t move. And I’m getting paid, quite handsomely, to sit still. 

And I hear God in my spirit say warn my people.

Where do I go?

He gives me Jeremiah.

Where in Jeremiah.

Chapter 13.

When I open the first few verses are about a belt. 

I’m intrigued.

I took off my belt earlier because it wasn’t comfortable for me. 

So to see the Lord God Almighty telling Jeremiah to take off and hide a belt, I’m wowed.

What else Lord?

Jeremiah 13:9,10 9 “This is what the Lord says: ‘In the same way I will ruin the pride of Judah and the great pride of Jerusalem. 10 These wicked people, who refuse to listen to my words, who follow the stubbornness of their hearts and go after other gods to serve and worship them, will be like this belt—completely useless! 

My sister friend was just talking about how God talks about the Lion of Judah. 

Now the Lordis talking about the pride of Judah which has them going after their own sinful desires not willing to hand their wickedness over to Him.

Ok Lord. And what else?

Jeremiah 13:14-17, 26,27

14 I will smash them one against the other, parents and children alike, declares the Lord. I will allow no pity or mercy or compassion to keep me from destroying them.’ ”
15 Hear and pay attention,
do not be arrogant,
for the Lord has spoken.
16 Give glory to the Lord your God
before he brings the darkness,
before your feet stumble
on the darkening hills.
You hope for light,
but he will turn it to utter darkness
and change it to deep gloom.
17 If you do not listen,
I will weep in secret
because of your pride;
my eyes will weep bitterly,
overflowing with tears,
because the Lord’s flock will be taken captive. 26 I will pull up your skirts over your face
that your shame may be seen—
27 your adulteries and lustful neighings,
your shameless prostitution!
I have seen your detestable acts
on the hills and in the fields.
Woe to you, Jerusalem!
How long will you be unclean?” 

God has given some of us gifts that we have used to do shameful things with. I used to use these words that are supposed to help me be light to say ugly and dark things to people. Hurting people hurt people. I used to use my poetry to woo, and intrigue the man I wanted to captivate at any given time. 

But God has become so angry with his people. He is trying to get our attention and call us back. Before He places us in the Category of his enemies.


In desperation. I am crying out to my Heavenly Father. Papa. Fix this situation. And make it so nothing like this ever happens again.

People who were the enemy of my destiny who was calling out to darkness to help dim my lights that year her house caught on fire. 

So people. With the dark hearts, and manipulative actions full of deceit and wickedness. Repent now!

Repent is not just asking for forgiveness, it’s turning from the ways that are displeasing to God our Papa!

Some talk about a God that blesses while they carry out wicked deeds. No He provides just like He did for the Israelites with manna and quail. But the same God opened the earth and swallowed people and the families of those people. The same God who had all those Israelites killed by the Levites for worshipping the golden calf. 

No idol worship is a slap in the face for the God I serve.

But we have freedom in redemption. The blood of the lamb. The sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Forgiveness is available to all who ask. In Jesus name.

So lift up your head. You want freedom from acts you can’t stop doing, knowing it is wreaking havoc on your personal life? Accept Jesus as Lord of your life and then let Him reign on your heart. He’s sitting next to God Almighty. Who gave the Spirit of His only begotten Son, so that we are recognized as sons and daughters where we can cry Abba, Father. Or as I lovingly refer to Him as Papa!

Jesus is the high priest that knows what sins afflict mankind, having become flesh. So when I say Lord. My heart is broken. I need a fifth of tequila, a blunt, and a man to numb my pain he sends the Holy Spirit to comfort me. Break my bus down, so he can send concerned loving people to help me along my way, give me a hug seeing my broken state and there. The bottle can stay in the liquor store. The blunt is forgotten, as it has been for years now, as I remember the job I’ve been blessed with that tests randomly, and a man? Pshaw!!! The men that only love me when I am being who and what they want me to be, unwilling to accept me for who I really am because they never even get a chance to know me for real.

So. Yes. We all have been warned. It’s time to operate in obedience. And with the help of God, our Father. The Son, and the Spirit it is possible.

You just have to be willing to accept!

And go.

Be light.


2 thoughts on “Warnings that come before destruction

  1. Hi
    I knew your Mom well and I knew you when you were younger. Best on your journey.

    Truthsurvives411 on YT

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