I guess I am my sisters keeper. 

Or is she really keeping me?

I used to wonder why men do so much to come in between the relationships of women. 

They get together and tell a woman that another woman is jealous of them, or she wants him, or she was saying something or other.

But a man could never love or nurture a woman the way a woman can. 

Its a bond in sisterhood. In simple sisterhood.

See I want to talk about how some of my sisters didnt do what I expected them to do or what I wanted them to do, but it really doesnt matter what they did or did not. What matters is how they come through when I need them most if they do indeed come through. I mean. I can’t expect someone to stop their life to come to my aid and rescue, but a call every once in a while. A text of encouragement. Maybe an email or two. Or even just something letting me know they appreciate who I have been in their lives. Or simply. A listening ear when I am hurting.

I am my sisters keeper.

Maybe for a season. I guess the actions in that season determines if I am valued enough to stay for a lifetime. 

I have a friend. A sister really. Because really no one evers fights as much as we do and still we come back together except for a sister. Sisters hold no long term grudges. We lick our wounds and continue on the path designated for us upon introduction. Just as I lay my prayers at the altar for what troubles her deeply she prays for me as well.

I love love just for the sake of love. And all this time I have been looking for a man to fill the void in my heart, when all the while it was always meant for my sister. Because if I don’t learn how to maintain and sustain a relationship how will I ever relearn how to be in a relationship with a man. Because the things that differentiate the relationships between man and woman and women as sisters is really a small percentage of it all.

I guess its not about that right now. I guess I am to teach my daughter how to interact with other women. I pray she isnt one of those bitter women who has yet to learn to deal with her own insecurities and jealousies that she believes every woman has a vendetta against her.

No the truth of the matter, for those type of women is if you’re mean, and smug, and talk about everyone else behind thier back, then once another person sees you talking about someone you claim you are or were so close to in such a negative way about their personal business no one really wants to get that close to you for fear you’ll do the same to them. 

It’s like then we women decide once we see those character traits that as soon as you realize that you dont like me because I confidently love myself you are going to try and tear me down in some way shape form and fashion. And really I dont have time to be bothered with the negativity of it all. But I will love you from a distance, and pray for your deliverance consistently. 

Anyway. I am my sisters keeper. I wish I could build with many, but not every one of the three little pigs like to buildwith  brick and mortar. Some like to build with straw, and some like to build with sticks. So every friendship they ever have falls apart every couple of years or so. But as for me. Bricks of love, and encouragement, and thoughtfulness, and consideration. Bricks of appreciation, bricks of support, bricks of peace and positivity. Bricks of integrity. Bricks of trust. Those things builds bonds that last a lifetime.

So I build with those who build with the same materials I build with, and keep on moving and grooving to the tune we love to shake our funky chicken with. It really can be so simple.

Its simple mirror checks.

You liking what you see?


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