My dear sister

I see you and your snap.


Taking all your pictures

And not capturing me.

Because the last time your film caught my beauty. You forgot to share it with me so I could help celebrate what The Lord created when he made me.

And then your chatter became a little bit different about me. 

You began to speak ill of me. Somehow I offended you unknowingly and you forgot to bring the offense to me. So you created divisive spaces making sisters that dont even know me my enemies. 

They will never know my encouraging words and how much I speak life to many.

Don’t you know what you did broke me. I struggle to make peace with my sisters. The offenses have been great and altogether too many.

I mean did you forget I was the same sister that reminded you of your beauty. I saw the way the world beat you down for not living up to their standards or carrying their ideal of what is pretty. 

See I won’t sugar coat when it’s a time for honesty. But I did. Because it was your heart. Your humility.

Maybe you saw HIM. And his interest in me? Was that it sister?

Proverbs 6:19 a false witness who pours out lies,
a person who sows discord in a family. 

These are the last two things detestable to my Abba, Papa!

Why separate people who need to be close to each other. 

What is it that makes you a back biter, contentious, a gossip? What makes you look at me in disdain and carry those thoughts to others?

Is it the smile I keep on my face?

See if it was about the brother that chose neither of us, just know my standards were too high to go out with someone constantly calling me asking me to go cuddle with him when he didn’t even know me.

It’s obvious now the turmoil of his choices that he was poor at decision making.

And we all need men like Joseph. Able to follow Gods leading and not the desires of their own flesh. Si I can birth and protect what God has placed within me.

See you could’ve been support to me. You beig older than me. When my worth was tied into my body and the comfort to a man I was made to feel it should bring.

Because he made me feel like my cuddling with him was nothing. As he said, it’s not like I’m asking for sex.

I felt so unworthy.

But anyway. My sister. What happened? We used to be all cool and whatnot? And I’m not timid, I just get tired of hearing people talk about me, words floating in the spirit, that I stay grabbing. Like who would say that about me. And then I get the visual. Like a vision.


You didn’t know.

The Holy Sporit gives gifts according to his desires.

Anyway sister. 

This past month has been about my sisters. I’ve limited my time with the guys. Even put my BFF on hold. And we have been loving each other and nurturing each other. We’ve been celebrating. Our abilities and gifts. And sharpening each other as iron sharpens iron.

So I take the bible. It’s my mirror. I ask that Gods words reflect so I can see me. And he reveals his secret things. And my heart is exposed. I would say, but I know you’re still struggling to believe you actually do like me. I’ve done nothing for you not to. Not really. Not like that man you accept back in your heart for love repeatedly. I know the feeling. Before I started truly loving me I did the same thing.

So this is it.

Proverbs 4:23 Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life. 

Papa says out of the heart the mouth speaks. So what was really your motive in turning the other women against me. You don’t have to tell me. God is in the business Of restoring. But He is crying out for us to give him out wicked hearts full of impure things so he can give us a new one the one we pray for when asking that He create in us a new heart and renew the right spirit. 

Obedience is better than sacrifice… There is no amount of serving….

Well that’s between you and Him.

Just know I love you. I’ve been anointed and appointed to love people who hurt me purposely, and let them when they are women back on forgiving them repeatedly.

We all need the strength of each other. Just know I’ll be praying.

Because my sisters really are so dear to me!


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