Thecincinnati chronicles  began Friday night.

I worked an 8 hour shift got off and took my daughter to her granny’s house.

So. I’m ready to leave and who do I see walking in? 

My daughters baby sister. Who just so happens to be only eight months younger than my daughter. So whatever to those people who got the side eye thing going on when I talk about being in love with my baby daddy’s friend. Like he said. We weren’t together. 

I mean for real!! I am determined to love and be good to who is good to me, while aiming to love everybody with the love of Christ. 

But even Jesus was selective about His inner circle. John, James and Peter sound familiar?

Anyway. I guess seeing my daughters father walk in with this baby momma, obviously together, when my daughter just saw him week before last at the other baby sisters house, was supposed to make me feel some type of way.

The devil need to come with new tricks because obviously I’m over that. I’ve moved on. I can only allow so much hurt and pain from one person that I never created a covenant with. Praise God for no marriage vows!! Because now a days that’s a whole different story.

Whatever tho! I am determined to enjoy my trip!

I only have a couple hours of sleep before I get up, catch the bus downtown to get my bus.

Now the waiting game.

All the while I’m praying and men that spend their life preying see a woman alone and I become a target. But my prayer gets answered almost immediately. A man coming out of nowhere comes right in the middle of the man and I. 

Talk about a spirit led life.

He was homeless but told me many stories of how he doesn’t have to put his change cup out he offers assistance to tourists and they bless him with money. One gave him $23 dollars. 

I didn’t have much I give him. I had thirty dollars to last me my trip. But i had a band that would bring him to my church, and some information about the CTA’s second chance program.

Anyway. I get on my bus and make it to cincinnati. I meet a lady. She picked me out the crowd. Of course. My run on sentences aren’t exclusively reserved for my blogs. I’m a chatterbox in real life. If I can feel you. And if that feeling makes me feel good. Male or female it doesn’t matter. I will talk your ear off!

So. We exchange numbers. I invite her to church, for her younger family members and she’s giving me so many pearls of wisdom! I do love my elders for the gems and pearls of thought!

Anyway. Once in Cincinnati I decide to see the sights and I’m in the hood. But I’ve been sent to a market that just so happens to be past an area that has long been forgotten. Renovation efforts look to be far few and in between.

But along the way I meet more people. I share words of love and light. We talk about life. And my excitement can’t be contained about the live music my ears have been waiting for.

I decided to cancel my hotel room. Stop isolating myself in seclusion and get ready.

I told the man who was trying to bait me in my aunt and uncle was at the concert. I knew they were in cincinnati but they didn’t know I was there so I didn’t know if I would see them. But I did.

So I sit down and a married woman and man come and sit next to me.

Her green eyes seemingly look past me dismissively. They don’t speak. But a few minutes later two women come and sit next to me. They introduce themselves as wives and they loved, and laughed and talked to me.

I got ants in my pants and I wanna dance so I never could sit down! They watched the bag that held the extra clothes I changed out of to make my night memorable.


Mali Music. One of my Facebook friends put me on to Mali Music. And He represented our savior all night long!

And then Ms. Avery Sunshine. She’s a believer. And then Kem. Beautiful Kem. He gave God glory and had a word of encouragement that brought tears to my eyes.

Could it be my father strategically placing His people outside the four walls of a church to bring church to the masses. 

Jesus said wherever there are two or three gathered together he is in the midst.

God also reminded us that he reads the heart while man looks at the outer man. 

See the two ladies on my right were so kind they offered to pick me up for the next festival from my bus stop and give me a place to rest my head in their own home. 

I mean how will people let you in without love and trust that you will not hurt them or attack them the way the world does continually. People are hurting. Jesus commanded us. COMMANDED, Not asked or suggested for us to love. His laws are for his followers. And the only way a person will become a follower of Christ is to know His love. His love is greater than anything!

See I know what shunning looks like. The religion of my youth puts people out for them to no longer be spoken to for smoking cigarettes, fornication, adultery, etc. 

that’s why I aim to love.

I had to leave in the middle of Jill Scott’s performance and met another beautiful woman. She saw her friend in a compromising position and pulled her out of it! I reminded her how good a friend she was and she loved my light and spirit as she said that she adopted me as her little sister. 

Perfect for the next outing since she works for a luxury hotel.

See we are placed to be in people’s lives to be light. In the middle of darkness because we don’t know te troubles their lives have seen. 

But love.

It changes things.

Love for self makes way for freedom.

And when I get outside I finally look up and see the road I traveled on to get to the concert.

Yes. My heart. My life. My love is free. No more bondage or captivity. The lady with the pearl pants reminded me of the beauty of individuality. I wasn’t born to adapt to the mold, but to break out of the confines on mans narrow mind. 

Te God I serve is too big to be trapped into other people’s expectations of me.

I can assure you I may never meet them. But my aim is to surpass them.

Only God has the final say so. So praise Him for His exclusive wisdom!!

Live life laugh love. Just like that. Because you’re worth it!!



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