I just spent the last thirty one days sharing love, light and the word with nine women. Me included makes ten. 

Shorties we was tens, tens, tens. 

There were also Ten Commandments. So maybe some researchers are right on when they say ten represents Gods governmental rule and our obedience to the laws that we are governed by.

I know that I am calling out to wisdom these days.

So I happen to notice a status the other day. Something someone said about non blood relations not being sisters.



I have sisters. We went over proverbs together. And we fellowshipped, conversed and shared love. I mean when I was feeling really low yesterday here come my sis with this message…

How beautiful. See we understand that God places people in our lives for reasons.

Another friend. I never called her my sister because she was my best friend. But I bought prom dresses like a big sister. Bought her first cell phone like a big sister. And when I rolled over and saw her and my ex together intimately I forgave her like a big sister. Eventually. Not immediately. After….

Yeah. Praise God for new beginnings. Praise God for maturity. See she and I were children. And sometimes children, and young adults do things they will never be proud of, and wish we could take back. but we have an enemy.

His job is to make us walk head held down in shame and condemnation. His job is to constantly remind us of who we were before meeting Christ! But God reminds us that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. We are a new creation in Christ. I am not who I used to be. So if you’re looking for her, and want to remind others of who I used to be be careful that God doesn’t begin judging you for all the sins you’ve done yourself. And not childhood repeats of what you’ve seen. But full fledged grown up choices to neglect what you knew to be the right thing to do. What others will never know Hod will always know.

Don’t be so caught up in judging others that you forget to repent of your own stuff. Because we are responsible for our own stuff before we can point fingers at others. You know the story of straws and trees on eyes. 

Judge lest not you be judged. By the true judge. The one who has forgiveness in the palm of his hands and He forgives us the way we forgive others.


So here we are. We are loving. Sharing. We are growing in wisdom. We are letting the word of God be a light to our pathway. We are moving forward leaving those things behind. Wisdom is so welcome here that I shared the sentiment with one of my sisters that I want to do this again in August.

See some sisters I just met since joining my church. One even so recent as joining the choir. But one has been my sister for over twenty years. We used to joke with our peers saying we were blood. We lied and said, We had the same father. But this same sister sat on the side of me at my fathers funeral when none of my blood joined me. Same sister waited in courtrooms for, yeah, praise God for his mercy and grace!!!

Newer sisters offered help with my daughter and some of the words that just kept me uplifted, man, praise God! He is faithful to send everything I need. 

I took a break from interacting with the fellas this month. I realized the only thing I miss having a man for is cleaning out my car and taking out trash. So since I’m pretty much straight on the guy level I guess I will enjoy single life until My Heavenly Father changes my relationship status. 


I guess my healing and deliverance from the pain of my past came in July! Praise God. No longer a need to share what once hurt because now I find freedom to be me!

August. A new proverbs month. 31 days of sharing the proverbs with you all! I hope you stick around to enjoy the wisdom that comes from the living word of God! It has changed my life immensely. I hope it changes yours as well!!!


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