what if life was one big Facebook. 

And we could just walk up to people and press their inner wrist, and like them.

I mean the world could be a much kinder place if more people felt loved!

We were created to fellowship with the creator all the time, and since God is love, we must have been created to feel the presence of love all the time.


This social media thing. 

People frontin, faking and pretending for likes, thinking that type of attention will supersede the loneliness. 

Nope. When all is said and done and you log out, it’s still you and your cat, or dog, or mice that live in the wall scurrying and hiding.

The world needs love.

My words seem harsh in black and white, but when I flash my not so pearly, but oh so natural whites and the soft dimple comes out in my left cheek, and my too soft voice that I don’t like to raise often says those same words out loud, I get a ‘yeah you’re right’.

One like, two likes. Red likes, blue likes. 

People choose.

I have learned love isn’t always sugar coated words lacking substance. Sometimes we have to correct people we see going astray. 

So. I’m Walking to the park yesterday. A man with a ring on his left ring finger, goes down the wrong way to try and talk to me. I inquire about the ring. He tells me he just saw a nice ring and wanted to wear it on his wedding band finger. 


Like I told the last married man, don’t play with Gods girls.

Obviously someone has made him think dealing with him is alright. I’m not that woman. Regardless to who is spewing out vicious rumors. I can be nice and brave letting him know how I feel about his lies and married men.

Then when I get to the park a young girl is letting some boy squeeze her behind and kiss on her. I tell her if she don’t stop I’m going to follow her and tell her mom. 

Sounds harsh on paper, but in real life she laughed. My tone and smile is everything. 

I kept on walking. But that opened the door for her to come back and talk to me. She asked how old did I think she was? I thought twelve so I said so, she said she was 16. I told her still. Forget boy talk. She got college and all types of things to be dreaming of. Five star restaurants to be taken to. Traveling places to go to. Not getting caught up with a mannish little boy who only wants her body, and will leave her with a baby to become a bitter woman who doesn’t know how to do much with her life besides talk about how much she need a man, or don’t need a man but finding little to think of besides a man. Forgetting to dream because a man too, all that away when he left her displaying her backside like the piece of meat she was showcasing is all she has to offer. 

I explained to her the potential and power of a black woman with all her beauty and strength. 

Michelle Obama like. 

This is not a tear down. When we get corrected it doesn’t always feel good, but it’s for self improvement. 

She thought so. She listened to me tell of the scholarship to Loyola I gave up for a boy who won’t even respond  to my requests to sell me what he has for purchase. I guess if I had a like button on my wrist she would have pressed it, because every time she would sit on his lap when she saw me make my way back around she would get back up.

It must’ve been respect. The kind way the word was administered.

So. I wonder what kind of world we would have today if more people spent time together in the real world than they did behind phone and computer screens. 

That viable need for love would create less lonely in need of attention, and more rapports, willing to rap and chop it up, wrapping words around ears to hear what words will never say.

Like I need a hug. Or I’m lonely. Or words that look harsh on paper, which when spoken aloud are said with so much love they can’t help but be received.


Life ain’t Facebook. I almost made the mistake of judging a person by their Facebook page. Like he only has… But his loving caring demeanor and nature. Don’t wow me with a Facebook facade, and you don’t know how to master and maneuver through the real world. I can’t text you if we are in the same room together. We need to interact. And if we do. Yeah that’s too weird to think of.

Life is real. You need a real person to handle the curves and waves of the storms we often have to face alone. Because the rest of the world is too self absorbed in their own stuff to be down for a person who is in a down season. But as soon as bells ring and class starts some people forget who was encouraging them and rocking with them while life was hitting them below the belt.

Because life ain’t Facebook. It’s real. Not fake. Books that hold no real story lines. 

So. No more judging based on the premise of Facebook. Because…

Love. We need love, and it’s out there for all of us. Maybe we just gotta get our nose out of the faketenders page. 

Because whether everything is what it appears to be or nah. Everyone has their own life to live. 

So get out and live life. Not Facebook.

And see how much beauty is in the world…


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