Day 8. 

Today is my eighth day of 100 days of happy. 

Ninety 2 more to go.

Why did I do that? Ninety 2. Clearly its 92. Or ninety-two. Sorry. Nope. 

It’s ninety 2.

I challenge you all to dare to be different. Not like that imma be different like everyone else. Since everyone wearing green hair imma wear turquoise different. 

No your different might just be brown hair because that’s you. Not you trying to fit in and be different like everyone else. 


I’m different.

I’ve been Radiance in a world of Tamikas and Marys all my life. 

I was raised watching Anne of Green Gables and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Where the men sing songs talking about, “bless your beautiful hide, wherever you may be”

I don’t like judge shows, I dont watch the fighting talk shows, or the ones about baby daddies. I barely watch tv period.

But I’m me. 

My refusal to be conditioned by the television shows the major networkers broadcast to miseducate us with has given me free time with the Creator to think and ponder the realities of life.

So I’m different.

So here my different self been trying to figure out how can I fit in. Afraid of success. They don’t like me whilst I have nothing. How are they going to feel when all my dreams come true? They take my words and play them on repeat and instead of commenting on my posts they refuse to have an intelligent conversation but make up their own rebuttal posts. All cowardice aside. 

Then it hits me.

I’m a lion. Sheeple congregate and stick together. They baa and baa together. Not hearing each other for listening for the deafening cries of the baas behind them.

A she lion I am. 


I have a Shepard. The good shepherd. So I must be a sheep too. I just have a lion mentality. And I don’t want to be a part from the herd. Just more amongst those like me. 

Those who dare to be different. See different isn’t better. Yes. But being different means standing for your convictions no matter who is going to jump down your throat. Or who is going to celebrate you.

I had a conversation today about someone’s disregard for the new Lauryn Hill. But he knew what everyone was saying and bought a ticket anyway. And she was herself regardless to what they expected her to be.

So I applauded.


Ability to be true. To herself. Who she was created to be. 

No one was created to be. Sheeple.

So. I find happiness in my ability to be different. One day my difference will break the mold and make me wildly successful. Because it’s in unconventional ways and thoughts that breakthroughs occur. If you think like everyone else you’ll have the same ideas. 

And same thoughts yield the same result.

That’s why black people still fighting for freedom thousands of years later. The same people doing the same things. Even though they talkin about being different.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results.

So I write.

My songs might not sound like everyone else and for that I’m thankful. They sang their songs already.

So. Sing your song. Find it. Then sing it. Love you. Unyieldingly. And know it’s a blessing to be different!


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