A deadly attacker of human interactions and relationships.

With your arrogant, disdainful, offended repeatedly, taking revenge as a course of action self.

You’re too good for what??!?

That’s pride for you. I used to be best buds with homie, homie tenderoni!

Smarter than. Higher GPA than. Boyfriend finer than. Boobs bigger than. Waist smaller than. Legs longer than. Skin smoother than. Eyes slantier than. Words more prolific than. Steal your man faster than. Job easier and pays more money than. Bank roll bigger than. Grandparents hand out money faster than. Apartment nice than.

I had some issues.

Pride came before my fall. I’m down but I can’t get comfortable here.

A spoiled brat of a person who spent life comparing myself to others and would often fall back from the world not believing anyone was truly on my level. 

Oh what a fairy tale. 

I should’ve added dragons, and fairy princesses, unicorns and aliens to the story line.

I might have been stone out my mind. Or stoned out my mind. 

Either or.

Pride though. Invited rebellion. Who invited procrastination. Which inevitably set the place for ingratitude. 

There is nothing you can do that is good enough for a prideful person. And if you try and help them they think they are too good for your help. 

Probably waiting on the queen of England with tea and crumpets for all we know.

But that was me. I make jokes about it now because I see the ridiculousness of it all. Getting offended. Operating my life in an offensive state, but playing the game in defense. Let me block you before you get through. 

Maybe to my heart. Full of hurt. I can’t take the possibilities anymore. 

But pride. Lucifer. You know the one Jay-z wrote a song about. Maybe in homage. But more exclusively known about in the bible. he is the originator of pride.

He thought his star to be brighter than Gods and erected what he wanted to be an impenetrable throne above Gods.

And as God allows the enemy of our faith to use pride to penetrate the hearts of those who choose to be blinded by the fallen angel wanting to appear as light, the true nature of our hearts is revealed! 

If someone offends us do we harbor resentment?

Resentment was my favorite pastime, and revenge was surely to follow close behind. But I had to repent. God forgives us based on how we forgive others. 

Maybe I’m constantly sent into the lives of others to offend to see if they have a willingness to forgive. 

Sometimes I see whole families separated because of unwillingness to forgive. 

But we set our expectations too high instead of just loving people where they happen to be at the current moment.

I had a conversation with someone about the change of Lauryn Hill. Why? Would someone care about the changes she has made and choose to no longer be a fan. 

Why do we no longer love people when they no longer live up to our standards of acceptability? Why do we discard people like Christmas wrapping torn off of mundane and routine gifts that we really never wanted in the fest place.

Is our society so obsessed with consumerism that having more fake friends on the internet is more important then having those sit down for coffee or tea, go shopping on Saturdays, brunch Sunday after worship, or dinner and movies on Friday night type of friends. 

We live in a world for likes. Further aggravating our need for ego! Feeding the pride genealogy!

Well. Pride has no prejudice about who it gets to turn away from relationships that are very real and necessary for our growth.

But I’m asking the Father in heaven to continue to shake me and break me to make me humble. 

Maybe that’s why I keep getting humiliated. 

I don’t want to have another proud bone in my body!

James 4:6 And he gives grace generously. As the Scriptures say,

“God opposes the proud
but gives grace to the humble.” 

Yes. That favor. Grace. So unworthy. But given freely to those humbly walking in humility.

Thank God for thinking of us. He aways knows what we need!!!


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