This man though. 

Looking all mad at the world tried to get me to join his cause for racial inequality.

I just told him how angry he looked and walked on by. 

I am a mother. 

I am overcoming motherless life to become a better mother to mine than mine was to me. 

I cannot look at your child, say what you’re doing right or wrong? Or have anything to say about your parenting skills. 

I cannot. But if you were to ask me then I should at least have my home together first right??


Black man.

You want to talk about racial inequality. But I want to talk about racial disparaging. 

We so seperate and distant. And our brothers and sisters selling all these drugs to further disparage our communities.

I’m willing to bet.

More people died from overdoses than police killings last year. (I’m guessing. I’m not back into research just yet)

Who walking through our neighborhood asking our brothers what would they do if they had another choice? Who showing them love and a better way?? 

So I’m sorry.

I’m not against protesting. But I know we can love each other to life. And the more love you share the more light can shine. And when you got an army of light carriers then things can come out of darkness.

I’m sorry young black man.

I applaud your cause.

But next time you ask me to join your movement. 

I’m going to ask you to join mine.

All I do is find some people to smile at, interact with and say something kind to.

Spread love. No more war. Life is unkind to many of us. Why not show kindness to someone who just may be hurting more than you.


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