Day 11

So happy.

Like for real no forcing what is.

I’m telling you about Jesus. 

His goodness. The grace and mercy of our Father God. That he (Jesus) is praying to on my behalf!

Jesus did it! *Tasha Cobbs voice*

So I literally went to four shops to get some Garret’s popcorn. Walking is therapeutic so I do.

After the first one this beautiful man, whose accent is telling me he is from Europe, told me how beautiful I am and made me feel as such.

Beauty. In the eye of the beholder. As he could see by my smile lines I smile a lot. So he reminded me to keep smiling!

And in all the ones I went to only one put my little sixty six cent bag of popcorn in a brown bag with napkins and a wet wipe for the greasy and yellow cheesiness!

I called corporate. To compliment my beautiful black sister. She was awesome to be so thoughtful. 

So often we go on and in about the negatives and forget to celebrate the positives. So I did.

Then at my last one.

A lady behind me was talking about how she didn’t need her popcorn.

I couldn’t help myself.

I turned around and said be kind to yourself. Its only one bag. And she went on about being on a diet. I told her the diet would be there tomorrow. These little bags of popcorn wouldn’t be. 

Celebrate what you did. 

So she went on about how she had yogurt and fruit. I said see. You did something. 

When you make weightloss a journey and not a race you’ll enjoy it better.

She smiled at me and thanked me. But as the chills were running through me I knew it was only God giving that type of wisdom for what she needed to hear.

Because it was a reminder to myself as well. He gave it to me to share with another knowing full well I needed to hear those words coming out my mouth for myself.

I didn’t know why I was going to all the Garret’s. I just went. 

Just like I usually go one direction after I leave my daughters school, but I went in another way and encountered a situation that led me to all types of places. 

A man felt a breeze and seeing me said I must be blessed. And nearly tripped over unseen obstacles to walk on my path. See what happened was, I Was able to get my business taken care of in the vicinity I was in.

I Went to another office. Gave God good glory in the office with that woman. And As I went outside to wait on the bus I encountered my daughter’s father’s cousin.
I should have closed my ears to all the gossip. 

But look at God!!!

I didn’t repeat it! To one soul. No facebook statuses! And it was juicy!!!!

Zip of the lip. 

Jesus did it!!!

Because I heard it to know what I need to pray for. So I shall!

Jesus did it!

And then. I got a medium fry instead of a large. 

Jesus did it!

And then I chatted with two exes and kept it short and sweet.

I want their salvation. Not their hot bods. 😍😍😍

Because Jesus did it for me. I want him to do it for them. So I show love relentlessly. 

People will forget what you said and did but never how you made them feel. So no matter how many times I put one on the block list. Won’t talk to for years. Come back. And we still. Love. Adore. Laugh. Silly. 

He reminds me how sweet I am. And how much I spoiled him. Even though I met him literally a starving college student. No money and no means. It wasn’t in the stuff I had to buy him with. He was a CTA bus driver. He had that. 

It was the love I gave him.

People need love.


Good night.

Sweet peaceful happy dreams. Walking in satisfactory land. Living and letting oneself be loved. And accepting Grace! God gave it. Because his anger lasts but a moment. So why are we so hard on others and ourselves.

Who has time to worry about another when they are happy with self.

James 4:11,12 11 Don’t speak evil against each other, dear brothers and sisters. If you criticize and judge each other, then you are criticizing and judging God’s law. But your job is to obey the law, not to judge whether it applies to you. 12 God alone, who gave the law, is the Judge. He alone has the power to save or to destroy. So what right do you have to judge your neighbor? 

Yes. I’m loving who I want to. But most importantly who needs it. Maybe for a second. The time it takes to stand in a line. A couple of months. A few years. OR forever!!

Cause Jesus did it! And I’m going to continue to let him do it! Cause who can do it better than the one who created me??


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