Day 13


I could only do one church service today. That one, with my I don’t care praised, had me taking too many naproxens. I don’t like taking pills. But thank God I have some pain pills to take.

But the word. The start of service😁!! That was just for me!!

See that storm from Thursday had my daughter and I soaked through and through! I shivered in the air conditioning of the place I will be at every Thursday night. Applying the blood of Jesus that I would not get sick🌈🌈. I didn’t!

But the latter rain. Those torrential storms will be like my blessings.

I believe!! God is about to… Yes. Just that.

Then today. All these old friends popping up. Pastor preached that last Sunday.

But I chatted. Got off the phone to read my baby a few bedtime stories.

I encouraged someone today. Someone reminded me about obedience.

And I realized that God always gives me a warning about people. I hear. So I adhere. Pay attention and take heed!

Yes today. Short sweet and to the point!

I found a blessing in the treasures of my moments!!


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