Day 15

Just yesterday I said I wanted groceries from this particular grocery store. But i put it out of my mind. There is no way I would have been able to get all those bags gone from that distance. 

But I didn’t worry. OR wonder.

This morning I get a call. I’m being offered a ride to get my groceries. 

They suggest I go exactly where I just said yesterday I wanted to go.

Look at good being a very present help. In a time of trouble.

Look at the person reminding me that God sends us to help one another. Out only job is to be a good and faithful steward over small to become ruler over great.

And then this! A birthday feast for my wonderful life promoting, encouraging, full of light and wonderful ness sister friend. 

I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrot with me until I realized that some people push buttons and take advantage of good people.

See my friend who took me to the grocery store told me I have a filter like a child. Where that child may fight with someone and play with them twenty minutes later, I am the same in adult life. Not holding grudges. Saying what I feel but not holding It against someone later on. 

People who come in my life don’t believe i can be so pleasant, so loving, so forgiving. So they try me further scarring me from life.

My nerdy, quirky, deep thinking self as I was described earlier with a babified side from being spoiled too often can’t imagine why people would be mean to me. Yet I love them anyway.

Because at the end of the day, help is always on the way.

I’m no saint. I have my issues. But people that leave my life tend to drift on back because people forget what you said and did, but never how you made them feel.

So today another happy day. Celebrating life. Getting my needs met and realizing more about myself by seeing myself through another persons eyes!

And that’s what life is all about! Living loving and enjoying eachc and every moment!!


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