If you happen to get caught up under the covers with a mosquito that thing gonna leave you with bite after bite after bite.


Because once it tastes your blood it’s going to keep on coming got the easy target until it gets full. Or dies.


I squashed the bug.

I write a lot about my life’s journey through love and forgiveness and change.

And people change!

I’ve never seen them change while being with the person they’re used to treating a certain way.

We are creatures of habit.

If I’m used to being a brat with certain individuals no matter how much I grow up I’m going to remain that same brat with the same people.

I would adult, work three jobs etc. but as soon as I get around my mommy. Mommy was her name and I was being babified!! All whiny and whatnot.

The joys of being my mothers only child.

This however is about the snakes. 

I forgive. A thousand times. But after Judas did what he did, what did Jesus do? 

He sent him away!

Why do people allow the same people in to hurt them repeatedly. 

Let them do their job, learn the lesson, forgive. But why do people let the same people in again and again to hurt them . And let the ones that’s willing to hold them down go.

Disloyal muhfudgers.

I’m working on my potty sailor mouth. So excuse my euphemisms!

I watch on repeat disloyalty.

But everything you observe don’t need a response. Fall back. Loyalty is a lifestyle. And so is back stabbing.

Love anyway.

From a distance!

Some people are there primarily to remind you love all, trust God!

Don’t put your trust in people. God is consistent. Keep your mind on him.

Thank God for disloyal people. Because God knows the heart. Some people just know how to receive and never give without you having to ask for it. But there are people that come along who give and love on repeat. Who show kindness and generosity. There are people who show care and concern. 

And those types of people get feasts like Royalty!

And those people get focused on!

And those people get anything they ask for.

Never mind the rest!!

Smile wave, princess Diana style and keep it moving.

The only way to achieve the best life ever is with the real. Those people who celebrate you no matter who they have in their lives. Those people who love on repeat! Those people who never switch up or change. And those who show loyalty.

Sorry old but dear friends. The ones who bit me like a mosquito dogging me out to family and peers. I do love. I been forgave. I pray consistently!! For real. 

But I cannot do toxic relationships.

I love myself too much to allow people the opportunity to keep biting me. I don’t care how much money you have to spend on me. You left once, you’ll leave again. You fought me once, you’ll beat me again. You dogged me out once and someone came to speak life into my bruised and hurting heart! So what sense does it make to help you stay uplifted knowing you’re the type to kick somebody when they are down. So if I’m down you’re gone. But when I’m on you in my face. 

Man. If I place you on a pedestal knowing you’re the type to kick someone when they are down you’ll have a higher platform to kick me from next time.

Oh what debilitating force you have my dear! 


Live to love. Love self first. And love those who show love back. Not only when they want something but those who love no strings attached. Who won’t remind you of your fallen days and how they helped. But know that they were only a tool being used by God in the first place.


That why I. Can be happy.

So I will. And I do!!



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