Day 18

I saw a rainbow today!

It was in front of my feet!

I met a person who loves how deep my mind produces thought. I guess a young woman who thinks, and speaks the way I do is intriguing. But he is in his fifties, and wisdom he has carried for half a century.

I’m still not ready to date though. 

We can sip tea though. Or smoothies. Or freshly juiced juices.

And chat. Build friendships. Trust is earned and probations last long. Because real marriages like my grandparents last for fifty years or better.

I’ve been delivered from something I’ve struggled with for years.
And I’m smiling. 

And just like I said yesterday someone called me a deep thinker today.

And I smiled thankful!!

Jesus always spoke in parables. Which meant there was a deeper meaning in his messages. I appreciate being a deep thinker. It means I see things below the surface. Life is made of parables. Thinking outside the box and finding the deeper meaning means I get a different understanding.

I laughed and laughed today. Tickled out of the blues that were trying to creep up one me!

And sat with one of my good girlfriends all day.

Life is what you make it and how you look at it. Positive thoughts produce positivity and you know the rest!

Be happy. Tickle yourself unblue, like as in pink. And choose life! 


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