Day 19

Sometimes words are spoken.

And then people make changes. 

When they don’t operate in pride and offense. 

I saw it first hand today.

So. Yeah.

Just yesterday I was saying I want to be reconnected to God. When I first was called by Him I would stay at church for all the services.

I’ve gotten to the point where two might be enough. So today I give my daughter an option. Should we go to two services, or three?

She says three. But I had already been awakened. Ready for 9:30, 11:30, 1:30. But I wanted to sleep a little longer. My usual sleepyhead daughter, though, was up and ready to go.

So I go.

By 1:30 I had the breakthrough I needed. No more tears. Ready for the openening doors.

And then I ate. What I wanted. Cooked food so good! And then my baby wanted more.

I love to feed people when they enjoy my food.

And then. Someone special to me went to church today. Not mine. But their own.

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. I just like to enjoy my moments.

And appreciate what I have. And this new person I am. I saw an old friend of mine I use to juke down the prop house with. I was Underage needing someone else’s ID to get in. Spending time in the DJ booth. 

If I do indeed have people that don’t wish me the best, or like me. It’s not new. I used to get daggers of stares in that booth. Everyone wanted to be connected to the ‘On my Mama’ boys. I should be used to it by now.

But I’m changed. I used to treat people the way they treated me. And give them good enough reasons to make them not like me. 

But Grace. And Mercy! God came to get me out of my dispair. And now I just want to love on people so they can know the love of Christ too. 

It would only be phoniness if my love of God was fake. I might offend. But I apologize. And how many times are we to forgive? 77 x 7. But how can I know if I’ve offended if people just talk to others about how I’ve offended them. If they never come to me I don’t get the chance to reconcile. 

Oh well.

I  am happy because I know the love of my savior. Because he teaches me there is no shame and no condemnation. Because he shows me it’s alright to tell my story. 

The Poets from last night reminded us that our testimonies are how people are won. Not by our righteousness which is still as filthy rags to God. No one gets set free and delivered by how perfect you live your life. They change by how you once lived imperfectly on purpose, and now you still live imperfectly while striving for perfection. Reminding others of what God pulled you out of. 

The righteous living is a blessing. But what did God bring you from? That’s a bigger blessing. Because its all for his glory!!

For his glory!!

I sing. Now. Because I’m happy. And I’m free!!!! I dare to be happy in freedom!!!!!

Free to be me. Run. Shout. 

Yes Lord! Happy Sunday! God is good! Great! And greatly to be praised!!


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