Day 20

I’m trying to find me. And in finding me I am finding the truth.

It’s okay. 

 I always felt a connection to The matrix. Now I know I have been pulled out of a matrix like existence. I chose to find the truth. I want to tell the others the truth too.

See. Preston Perry’s ‘Jesus is God’ and I dare you to tell me otherwise, opened my eyes to wanting to know the truth. I stopped asking people. I asked God to reveal to me the truth. Through the Holy Spirit He did! So now when I pass the people in the religion who thinks Jesus is Michael the archangel: I smile, kindly, and tell them now I know the truth. My heart is free. No sadness. No regrets. I chose God!

So round two. Finding out the truth about me. If you believe one lie it’s easy to believe other lies. Unless God reveals the, truth one stays in darkness.

I was. But the light calls and beckons to me. And no matter how much I have to adjust my eyes. Or put on sunglasses. I choose light.

So I find the truth something.

As soon as I did. I walked outside. I cried. I gave myself two minutes to mourn and then I had that quick pep talk. Get it together.

Now I’m thanking God for always taking good care of me. Always being there. Never letting me down or disappointing me.

And then he moves hearts.

And then my brother, all loc’d and natural asked me was I ok. And I said yes. 

Thank you. Brother. For remembering that we been fighting the same fight forever. We can still fight together. We don’t always have to agree. But it’s better to have someone with passion to have an opinion instead of the yes woman who won’t help you grow, moving from level to level. We can love each other and support each other while we are holding each other down.

So today. I see a Facebook post.

No complaining this week.

I don’t even want to state the facts. Because facts is an enemy to my faith. Forget the negative. Let’s focus on what’s good and right and up building. 

My truth allows me to begin the healing process. 

No complaints. Positive happy talk! 

God is listening!

Numbers 14:28 Now tell them this: ‘As surely as I live, declares the Lord, I will do to you the very things I heard you say. 

So. I am blessed. I have favor. God is taking care of everything. God is leading me and ordering the steps of a righteous wo’man’. He is ordering my steps. Because the person who does good deeds is considered righteous. I wear that band. It’s a reminder. 1 John 3:7. God will fight for me. He will lead me to victory. He is supplying every need according to his riches and glory. He loves me. He is my father!

So. When a complaint thinks of coming to my mouth, I have a plethora of words and phrases to replace them with.

Join me in the challenge. 

Instead of a complaint. Give God glory! Hallelujah. Because everything works for the good of those who love God!!!

We speak. We become. Light!

Let God shine his light through you. I will surely put my best foot forward to do the same!


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