There is always a reason to find joy in the little things.

‘Cause to be victorious, you must find glory in the little things.’~ Janelle Monae

The little things.

Like having the door held open for my daughter and I.

Like getting a call to fund me, I didn’t even have to ask. I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor their seed BEG for bread. 

I ask my father. He moves the hearts of men.

I knocked on doors until I got what I needed. Footwork is not light work. Making moves to get things done. 

Faith without works is dead. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

And then when I was looking at the scale that was up fifteen pounds since last month and looked at myself, my daughter told me that I was still beautiful.

She knows I was just bulking!

Next month is cutting season.


It shall get better. This month just taught me that God is always taking care of me. He has not forgotten me. And just when I think I have to make a sacrifice, here He comes with a ram in the bush. 

But I was willing. To give up something valuable. To recieve little worth. And here comes God.

I spent my evening on the way home encouraging a transgender male becoming female as she was angrily saying the people who stabbed her up, two months ago, were going to get it. I reminded her vengeance is the Lords.

And the young man on the train platform. Angry stares and looks of despair. I reminded him to pray. 

Plant seeds daily. God our Father will make them grow. We only store treasures for God in heaven. 

No one needs to help another be better. All we do is encourage and upbuild. Love. God is all powerful. Jesus died for everybody. And He knows how to deal with each and every one of us individually. 

Point me to God. He has always held the key to my happiness. And when I keep my eyes focused on Jesus who is the author and finisher of my faith, he never let’s me down.

And so I praise Him. My day could have been filled with complaints, but really there are more thanks to give. For who He is. For all He does. For all He gives. For what He has placed inside of me. Ready to share the words my Savior has planted inside of me to whomever He places on my path.

I am merely a branch on the tree. And since he is the tree of life all I can do is make sure I am one bearing good fruit.

I mean how could I have time to be concerned with anyone or thing else besides myself and taking care of my fathers business.

See. Praying without ceasing is easy if I’m thanking God all day. For everything.

I am a believer. So I believe He is able to do the same for you!!


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