Day 23

Today my daughter had a play date. I was able to explain to her some things about friendship.

I wrote her a poem reminding her of her worth. After she left the park crying I let her hear it. 

Words are powerful. God bless those who use them to upbuild and not tear others down.

I cooked fried green tomatoes for my granny. So much love I put in those green tomatoes.

I’m learning how to cook Pinto Beans. It’s fall so fall meals are the kind to stick to your ribs. 

I’m in cutting season. 

I had green tomatoes say you, but we won’t even talk about the healthy stuff I did have.

I walked away from two toxic people. I love me enough to continually ask God for his best people. So when people want to leave there is no reason to try and make them stay. 

I laughed with my sister. I am my mothers only child but God saw fit to give me a couple of people who love my silly quirky self. And who ride just cause.

And I have learned contentment. 

In that process I have learned the secret behind praying without ceasing.

Life is always handing out lessons. How often do we sit still and go through what some call the process to get the lesson learned. 

I’m sitting. Resting in God. That means I get free time to read his word, I get to pray without ceasing and share of His goodness with others! 

All the while hiding in His arms the safe place He had created.

Praise God!

And what a reason to be happy!


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