Day 24

I let my daughter play hooky.

Her teacher insisted that those with coughs and colds stay home. 

Since she was coughing yesterday I decided to allow her to stay home. And since germs habitat in enclosed areas, we went to the zoo!

The beautiful animals. The intricate details of flowers. The way leaves change colors in the autumn.

God really loved us to be so detailed and creative to create a world we would live in.

He sent His Son. And in the beginning He created. And then He rested!

He’s resting. And sometimes those He loves He allows them to enter into His rest. 

A time for prayer, praise, and getting to know more about Him through His creation. 

You can tell a lot about someone by the things they create.

When a person creates atmospheres of peace, they must be a peaceful person. When a person creates beautiful things they must love those who will come to observe the beautiful things. 

So it’s obvious. Those who create the opposite it says a lot about them as well.


Enjoy my picture journey of today! It was definitely a beautiful day, full of love and happy.

My daughter learned gratitude today. And I did as well!




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