I never seem to understand why people feel like because you once had chemistry, once that bond is severed the bond can come back to life later.
I love me. Now. In a way I never knew how to before. And since I love others as I love myself they get an awesome experience in love. However, just because I love does not mean I am willing to stay and allow people who are working towards uplifting and encouraging behavior and wanting to speak positive words a comfortable space in the inner place in my life.

Until they go through the process. 

I love me enough to hold on to what’s best for me. Hopefully, teaching others to do the same eventually.

See I don’t return to the relationship when ties are severed for a reason.

There was a tie broken and we left it there.

No we cannot pick it up later.

And if my feelings were hurt, trust will be relearned. I hand out trust according to actions and behavior. It’s levels. So it must again be earned.

Besides, if you truly want someone, you are willing to surmount every obstacle.

This loving nature yo. 

I guess guys feel like I could be the one. But if they are not ready because when they chose me they thought it was only going to be a physical attraction, they are almost always surprised to begin peeling the layers.

They get to peeling the layers of my mind, reminding me I am unlike anyone they’ve ever met. 

And since they were not planning on staying for the long haul and want to explore ‘life’ before they settle down, I get left behind. I guess the stories of my forgiving nature make them believe my love, which is usually hard, will still be here months later.

Sorry. So sorry. I can be friends with almost all my exes, the ones that are not hiding secrets they don’t want me to tell. But I can Be friends. That doesn’t mean that things will ever be the same as it was when we were dating.

I had to explain this to someone recently. Instead of just sticking around hoping it will one day be as it once was, he asked.

I told the truth. 

And he felt he shouldn’t have to work for the renewed trust in our friendship. But I know my worth now. It’s like giving a mine of rubies away just because I want to be nice.

And it’s not about money.

I can’t be bought. Even being off work without pay for a few weeks. No matter how many commas in the take home pay of check stubs, I still give loyal people an invitation into my inner circle. I forgive. I’ll even check up on a person, a few times a year. 

Insanity is doing the same thing. Over and over again expecting different results.

Warnings always come before destruction!

So walking in my truth. And walking alongside wisdom. That means I give everyone I meet a fresh new chance to be. I dont compare or believe they will treat me the same as others once did. I give everyone their own opportunity to be their own person. 

So. Deuces up. The flip side. To the back like hats and knapsacks. I only have time for happiness and joy. And those who have shown their true colors was given the go ahead to go away by God in the first place. It’s Now it’s time to be a wise woman loving self and finding Gods best people to share life with me.

That seems rather simple. So I continue to press toward the mark of the higher calling. Leaving and laying aside every weight that hinders me from recieving all God has for me!

And that is definitely a reason to celebrate!!


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