Day 30

New England in the fall is simply amazing.

Log Cabins in mountains. Mother daughter vacations. Enjoying nature with a group of eight women, four mother daughter teams is a great memory to have for this season.

Maybe thats why I used to struggle with depression around this time of year.

My mom and I spent a lot of time in whole foods, and Marshalls this time of year. The cooler crisp days allowing us freedom to move about the city. My favorite season of finding sweaters that hug curves, that add sleek and stylish underneath new waist length butter soft leathers. With leather fly boots. fashionably East Coast.

My mother was definitely a fashionista. 

She taught me a few things, I dont like to show off though so i keep it simple.

Well its really a budget thing. My budget mandates simplicity.

Well. I’m not in New England, and even though I found tickets for my daughter and I for less than $150 roundtrip its not in the budget right now.

I’ll get home soon. 

so in the meantime I am enjoying Chicago.

On a budget. And what I have found is that when I am not concerned with myself and what I want, and spending to fulfill my desires I get a chance to open up to people. I get to talk to them without hurrying and rushing seeking to satisfy my own desires. And I find out new things.

I found out a few new things today.

I listened to new artists.

I came to realizations.

I spent the majority of my day alone, as I do most days, and the more I become content in myself the more I enjoy me.This season has me putting on more layers.

layers of warmth of spirit, layers of joy, layers of peace, while leaving behind sorrow, regret and sadness.

It is always a time for something. Thank God all seasons change!


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