what type of world would it be?

no one would ever have a need to compete, work too hard, everyone would be able to rest, peacefully?

i wonder if we would be like Cuba.

Access to healthcare and education for all people.

Maybe Ive said too much. I didnt mean it America. Capitalism is..

designed to tear apart families, make friends envious, create competitions in life and make classism the worst ism to have to battle against.

Sorry Kanye. You were wrong. George Bush didnt not like Black people. He didnt like poor people.

While hooded young men die in the streets lawyers know their families probably don’t have enough for lawyers, and because every hamster on the wheel trying to get the cheese, nobody feels like stopping what they are doing to collaborate with another to make things any bettter.

and textbook revolutionaries be all talk, down for the cause but also down for mysogeny.

Sounds like an oxymoron. How can you be for downgrading the women who hold nations in thier bellies.

in Pac’s words, hate the ladies that make the babies?

Still, all these years later.

Well if the love of money is the root of all evil and God has told me to hate what is bad, then I’d hate to love something which is only designed to give me necessities, and sometimes wants.

But I should never have to neglect him in doing so.

Especially since he is my provider and my source.

I have found that when you have meaningful interactions with people it makes the need for useless things unnecessary. 

So today. I laughed. Chatted a little with two different sets of groups of women. Sharing our perspective on life, allowing each other an opportunity to let our voice be heard about things that matter to us and not superficial things was refreshing. 

Not only was it refreshing it was intentional.

and intentional leads to creativity of thought. Thinking opens doors that one can only imagine.

maybe thats why this is a microwave society. Quick solutions dont give sound  resolution for others to obtain dissolution of problems. We cant hear our reality, for the blare of nonsense filling speakers, and tv shows that violate every code of ethics and morality.

I’m not french, but cest la vie.

I cant help change anyone elses world until i first change myself and have solid solutions as to how I achieved success with dealing with some of the issues I have faced.

I fought demons. I am a warrior Queen. I kept wondering why in some of my battles I could not win. Well I just found my belt of truth. It was hidden on my fathers death certificate with an understanding to why my personality is so addictive.

I get addicted to people, and thats why someone once told me to stop giving my ether away when one of my female friends got mad when I was no longer giving her the attention i gave her before this older long time friend came around. i treat people like I really need them, beccause for those moments they are in my life I really do need them, before overcoming addiction.

I’m still in recovery.

measured doses of everything.

So I’ve been off five weeks with no pay.

and no I didnt have to be nice to former frineds who like to show me commas in net pays. I didn’t have to downgrade my dignity. My daughter and I havent been hungry. whatever our circumstances God saw fit to keep us covered for this season. A time of resting in Him. A time of seeing the world through eyes of love from a formerly angry, bitter and full of rage individual.

And as I walk in stores just to browse and have conversations with random strangers whom I may never see again I realize how blessed I am.

It has never been about things. but about feelings.

And living a life of happiness, choosing happiness, choosing love over hate is such a blessing.

It is only in love that we can create seeds that leave lasting impressions.

You will always know a tree by the fruit it bears!


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