This morning I watched an encounter with a mom and daughter.

The daughter was bubbly and talking to her mom excitedly.

The mom was scowling visibly, so she immediately hushed the child and began to redirect her attention to a game on the phone.


Famous television star seems phony and fake.

Do you know how persuasive women are?

Like in the bible it was Eve who convinced Adam to eat the fruit. Delilah who talked Samson out of his trade secrets. Rahab even convinced the men who knocked at her door that she wasn’t hiding the Israelite spies.

Women have powerful influence over good and bad.

So a whole group of women talking about another woman could be pretty convincing for those who are working to have strength in character. Those people who are proactive in getting to know to form their own opinion. Or those who just want to be neutral. 

That’s not the norm.

So I did my own research. Watched a couple of clips. She just so happens to be sexy, beautiful, funny, and confident and perkily happy.

Did I mention she is stunningly gorgeous?

Why do women seem to find fault with pretty women? What have they done so bad to that woman personally? Why is their happy nature considered to be phony? Sometimes our experiences in life even the bad ones are based on our outlook on the world. Maybe she sees the world with an eye of beauty. 

A glass half full kinda girl.

I watched her the night the women talked about her seeing her beauty. And then the next day on my own with no opinions around and she seemed even more personable. 

This selfie society.

This society of self.

Everyone wants to outshine everyone else. And if there is a way in which another can’t possibly outshine you that person becomes a problem. Or an enemy. An enemy to the facts that one doesn’t like themselves enough to find the beauty in others without comparing it to themselves.

The hiding face makeup society.

Everybody wants to be a housewife society, but don’t nobody want to give up the whorish mindset to be one.

The I gotta take what’s yours society instead of finding my own. Because if you’re pretty and I get something that belongs to you then I must be pretty by default society.

It’s that. It could have been me syndrome everywhere. When something bad happens to people they seek attention on the it could have been me clause. 

So when they see something that they want to be. Then obviously it couldn’t be them and it seems to be a reason to dislike. 

When people take constant selfies do they really want people to see them? Or validate them. 

If you haven’t gotten a new hairstyle then I still remember you are just as lovely as the last picture!

All I know. Is nothing. What ever God sees fit to make known to me. So I don’t know why women treat some women the way they do. I watched it happening to my mother her whole life.


The next time someone comes up to me with a negative comment about another woman I am going to look at the woman in front of me. Then recall the woman they are speaking negatively against. And then say oh.

Maybe it’s a correlation. Just maybe. But whatever it is. It’s not for me to indulge in. Anymore. 

If you talking to me about someone, that’s not love. So go tell her.

The world had made a coward out of us hiding behind computer screens and sneak dissing with sideways facebook and Instagram posts. We are a generation of 50 cents without the courage to say the person we are talking about name.

So. Love. Love of others start with self. And we really see the world as we see ourselves.

So that’s why I keep looking for those who have a positive happy outlook on life. 

They make the world go round. The right way.


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