it seems as if the life i’ve lead in my day will have had twists and turns so that…

I could learn how to lean on no one but God.

Every left turn I made I chose.

The bible says that God always makes a way of escape. Like Joseph had with potiphers wife. We are always given an opportunity to run.

For instance. I chose to become a Jehovahs Witness as a child. My mother was like are you sure? I felt like it was what I was supposed to do. Get baptized. Be accepted. So I did. I never bothered to check the facts about Jesus, and Michael.

God gives me free will.

I chose each and every relationship that led me down pathways of self destruction.

It seems as if when being deceieved has been familiar to your spirit, it becomes easier and easier to believe lies. If you never question lies, when will you find the truth?

It seems in my opinion the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. 

Before I experienced violence the first time, my mother had already told me to avoid the person whose house it happened at. 

And by the time it happened with the second person, I’ll never forget.

I was so caught up and entangled with the person that I left my white clothes in the laundry room of my building. All the clothes came up missing. My nice designer Egyptian cotton sheets, and expensive, for frugal me, shirts were gone. 

I remember thinking that was a sign. I was going to lose some valuable things in my interactions with the guy.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. God gives us warning before destruction and hard headed me, wanted to rebel and never listen.

I had it. I could do it, my way.

It’s easier to believe someone who has done all the research and studying instead of doing it on my own.

So don’t cry for me Argentina! 

I never feel sorry for myself because I chose my life.

I tell the stories just in case I am not alone, and someone else made choices they aren’t too proud of, but too proud to tell another soul. 

Sometimes it’s enriching to find out that someone else took steps to freedom. 

I mean if all my friends are in abusive relationships and they think, all guys are supposed to cheat and fight, then I would be crazy to think I should stand up for standards no one around me has. Until someone steps out. And speaks up, and decides to choose life. To choose love. To choose God.

My mother was the best mother she knew how to be.

She loved kids.

Being taught lies doesn’t make a person a bad person. It means that they are so hungry to find a good fit with God that they are willing to trust someone they believe is trustworthy. It sounds good. Like legal documents. Until you read the fine print.

I have been afraid to call out the religion I grew up in. They call those people apostates. And now. Now the people I grew up knowing as family, and loving more than the family I was kept away from really won’t talk to me. 

But I chose this life. Or maybe God let me choose it because He knew that some of His called and chosen ones would wind up being sent into that religion as children, raised only knowing that and would one day seek freedom. 

I need an ex Jehovahs Witness support group.

I sat in front of another ex Jehovahs Witness at my church home one day and I saw the pain on her face as she recalled some memories. 

This too shall pass. Somewhere, out there over the rainbow. Representing Gods promise and hope. Someone is questioning. Someone is seeking and will find. God is making a way of escape for them.

So run. Don’t look back like Lots wife. 

Run the race so as to win the prize. The prize of life. Look. Search. Find out where everlasting life is going to happen. Paul looked to the third heaven and saw a man in paradise. God the Father told God the Son, your throne O, God will endure forever. And God never said to any angel what he said to Jesus. Sorry. Michael. Is not Jesus. I’m sure he wants everyone to know that he worships Jesus like all the rest of us should according to Hebrews 1:6.

Please forgive my broken record sounds. But for years. YEARS. I wanted change. I wanted to serve God. And I would call out to the father. Jehovah. Help me. But he told me to get to Him I had to go through the Son. Not Michael. Who they’ve depicted as Jesus.

The bible warns us to beware of those teaching a different Jesus. 

So. My race runners. Running to attain the prize. Those who are #winning. Three fingers up. For the W’s. Seek truth. Knock and the door will be opened. To you! 

It has been for me. I will continue to be praying for those seeking truth!


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