I am thankful for strength. In my weakened state, God makes His  strength perfect in me.

I am thankful for courage. To speak about the harsh realities of life. Wounds don’t heal unless they are treated. They can’t be treated until they are presented.

I am thankful for patience. Far too many times I take things into my own hands. When I sit back and let God do it, He does it perfectly.

I am thankful for love. The kind invites of people who have taken time to get to know me and make sure I have an option of not being alone on a holiday centered around family.

I am thankful for peace. In the midst of a storm, I can find refuge.

I am thankful for kindness. I applaud for all those who go for their dreams. Encourage and motivate with kind words.

I am thankful for self control. I used to do things that now I am helped by Gods perfect will to control myself to not do.

I am thankful for the Holy Spirit. These are some of the fruitages of Him. And for Jesus. The Son who is the only way I can get to the Father.

See. I have delighted myself in service to God. Service to Him means I still have to be kind to those who think and speak ill of me, and treat me poorly. Because He says pray for those who persecute me. And I have finally figured out that not everyone saying Lord Lord will make it. He will say get away from me you workers of lawlessness.

And that’s why I am thankful. Because when I prayed for Him to create in me a clean heart and renew the right spirit in me, He did! He did!!! 

And while I will always fall short of the glory of God, His grace and mercy is sufficient. He will look over my wrongdoings and forgive me, when I come to Him with repentance in my heart and humbled in my prayers.

See. I could’ve given in to the pain of a past. It could’ve been worst. But God. 

I see. Many are called. Few are chosen. There were some uncomfortable things Jesus disciples were required to do, to let go of, to see. And to stay with Him through it all. And unlike Judas, not running behind money. Chasing illusive dreams to be the center of attention for meaningless things.

I hope I will live to make famous the one who died for me, sitting next to the Father, interceding for me.


The only one who needs to validate me. Because He is the only one who can prepare a place for me in the midst of my enemies.

So be thankful. Live life to love and serve God. Become pleasing in His eyes. Because He is the only one who can open doors no man can open and shut the ones that need to be shut!

And while I used to cry for my momma and daddy on days like this holiday, I am thankful because I shed no tears. Spent enough time in the presence of ones who love me, and called enough sisters, brothers and friends.

And my beautiful daughter! She spent the day helping me make things beautiful!

Thankful for a CHURCH home! And a Pastor that disproved all the lies I was taught about church and Pastors. And a Pastor who listens to God to speak truth!!! It’s like every sermon he was I side my home before he preaches it because it always seems tailor made to me.

Thankful for finally having a job that will allow me to care for my daughter solo. Since I chose this life, or it was presented to me!

And boom. The one guy who sends me flowers like these  

Is patient enough to deal with my shenanigans. My cheerleader. Reminding me of Gods greatness within me. And doesn’t mind that I may not get back to a text in a couple of days, but still is consistently showing me of the value that God has reminded me I have.

Yes! So much to be thankful for everyday. More things than I am actually able to count! Not just on holidays. Everyday. God is amazing! And so I will forever to Him be grateful!!!


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