I’ve learned not to be so vain as to seek the approval in applause. Or accolades. Or accomplishments.

Because I am a servant, it is all for the glory of God. If i do something applause worthy, God worked through me. If I achieve or accomplished, God helped me. 

Never been much special about me. 

Too brown I was told as a child, for such light parents. Too ugly for such pretty people. Too quiet. I almost was passed over for a waitressing job because someone thought I wouldn’t be bold and confident enough to talk to the people. To chubby. Constantly being called chubs by my size zero and two/four family members.

Life for me, to quote Langston Hughes, ain’t been no crystal stair!

That being said I never sought out things that would showcase whatever talents people said I had. Like the poetry I wrote. I had been writing for as far back as fourth grade that I could remember. But when I made it to college I had to be in a graded class before anyone heard me speak out loud.

But God. Gave me some gifts. They were meant to glorify him with.

I applaud for everyone. 

New business??? Go you!!!

New relationship?? Live long and prosper!!!

You sanging?? You better sing with that voice God gave you!!!

You moving?? I wish you all the success!!!

You do poetry??? Roar, lion/lioness, roar!!!!!

I’ll be ya biggest cheerleader in the stands. I will yell out loud and clap my hands, clap my hands, clap my hands, clap my hands!!!

Is it true that people really live for vain glory? 

If so. They asking why not them. They so busy asking why not them they can’t even acknowledge God moving in another persons life. Or offer words of encouragement.

I once supported you. 

How do we become people who’s hearts are not lined up with Gods? Who struggle with envy, conceit and jealousy? Who live for others acknowledgement instead of pointing them to the God in the heavens, instead of the god, we’ve made ourselves out to be.

Only one is supposed to be worshipped!

I struggled. I congratulated when my heart hurted. I stood in the background while others snubbed me. I even served those who looked down on me. Didn’t know me from the man on the moon.

But I didn’t do it for man. I did it for God. 

And when God is in the equation He should be praised.

So. Gone is the naive mindset that everyone wants you to make it. Some struggle with feelings of worthiness so much that they think their value is locked up in the opinions of others.

What if I told you. Even if no one ever knows your name on earth if Jesus knows it and it’s in the book of life you are more than valuable and worthy!

I’ve learned. I don’t want the applause that belongs to God. The humble are near to Gods heart. And he takes the foolish things to confound the wise.

Yes God!

He will show you who stands for and with you, just make sure you’re paying attention to who’s doing what. That way you can keep your circle right and clean of any traits that won’t help you grow.

I’m thankful. My eyes are opened. To see people. To see them for real. And no matter how many gifts and talents God gives me that one I treasure because that one is priceless!


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