The type of lyrics from my childhood included stuff like this

And I get tired of somebody else’s man wanting me

I need a man who’s single and free

Someone to call my own

To be there when I get home

To understand me and love me for me

I don’t want nobody’s body wanting me….

I loved Monifah back then. Especially this album.

But anyway. I’m not sharing!

Trust me I don’t!

I am an only child. I don’t even like to share my food. Or my things. I am definitely not sharing a man!

I saw a meme that said something about here in this city women share. They fight over the same man. They don’t allow a man the choice to choose what his heart wants because with low values of self they throw themselves at a man to get his body’s attention. Thinking if that captivate his mind they can have his heart. But they wind up sharing because getting a man interested in your body and having his heart is two different things. 

I have to read my word, and get my Father in heaven to cosign me with His word.

Matthew 5:7 “You have heard the commandment that says, ‘You must not commit adultery.’ 28 But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. 

Women make themselves available to be desired by a married man, and wonder why they aren’t receiving the blessings God has in store. 

And for the single men. we won’t even cover the comfort thing. 

Some are willing to Make a man comfortable for the in house cuddling season so he won’t leave and then maybe just maybe he will stay for the long haul throughout the summer.

A hoot. A riot.

So many families have been yanked a part by women pretending to be someone’s friend and talking that man out of his relationship by being a friend with benefits. And then wonder why so much turmoil exist if they actually do get the man.

Some women don’t share. Won’t share. So they leave mates by the wayside when they refuse to get right.


This man grabbed my hand to shake it. Then kissed it. And said it was all in love. 

Not with that wedding band on your hand I replied.

Ain’t no love to recieve or share when you got a wife at home.

This city. Where people refuse to watch the chi-raq movie because how preposterous would it be for a woman to close her legs to a man she is not married to. Because, in the  back of her mind maybe she thinking. The other woman going to give it up. Can’t let her win.

Self respect? Anyone?

I wonder if from my conversations with the guys who are friendly enough to tell the guy secrets, women understand men want what they can’t have. This conqueror conquest thing. But they will accept what’s easy. And that’s why they mistreat the women who pursue them because they never learned how to value something they didn’t have to work or fight to have.

I get offended when a woman pretends to be a friend to a married man waiting for his relationship to fall apart. Or rather. To send him off on a relationship that was sent to destroy him hoping when he’s good and heartbroken she will have a chance.

Women who cavort with married men knowing they once had or have feelings for them don’t even understand the seeds they sow. 

Maybe if the girls had talked my husband into having a conversation with me instead of giving him reason to harden his heart against me, forgiveness would have kept us from destroying Gods covenant between us.

Anyway. All I know is I know nothing at all. But a married man should be talking to his wife and not a whole bunch of women friends who have ther own agenda. 

And really who wants to share? Numbers are low, but for real. You can find joy in finding self and be  entertained by personal hobbies. Or get the nurturing and love from sister friends who share the strength in a mindset of unwillingness to be a secret. Once you find out what you enjoy. No one ever really has to share. Date outside the box. Color outside the lines. Choices in life create the pattern for success or failure.

Because when we choose something or someone who has no good intentions toward us we don’t know how to value ourselves enough to pursue a life of success, health and happiness. 

It’s alright to live a pain free life and to let go of toxic behaviors in men that keep you from being the best you can be.

God has once again shown me my value. I was bamboozled once before. Perishing for a lack of knowledge. Normally the ispy but not checking out one person in particular took my self esteem on a strong detour. But God. Changes situations and people alike.

We live we learn. We move we shake.

But as for me. I don’t want nobody’s body. I won’t ever be willing to share!


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