Over the past years I have had these people who insist of attacking Jesus try to talk me out of him. 

The Muslim who says he is not the way. That he is merely a prophet who is not The Son of God.

Or the Jehovah’s witnesses who told me that he is Michael the archangel.

Or the man who was trying to talk me into believing in Egyptian gods and spewed open disdain and hate towards Jesus.

What? Do you mean??

I have my own relationship with him.Matthew shows how when Jesus was choosing his dies cooked he chose them. He called out to them and said come with me. They listened.

I have been listening. Learning and loving  Jesus. 

I don’t know about anyone else but when someone is trying to talk bad about a person to me, or their interaction with them, it makes me want to get to know them for myself. Because that person may nt have something for the person talking bad about them, but they may have something for me. And what if I miss out on what they have for me because I choose to make them my enemy because of some silly rules about loyalty to man. 

Your enemy is not my enemy. Gods enemy is my enemy. I am not loyal to man. I am loyal to God. And whomever he sends me to, I go. Whomever he wants me to encourage I will. Whomever he wants me to give to I will. And sometimes I go ahead of God and speak out of turn. And I promise something to a person I can’t give. And thank God he allows me to see how people respond to me when I have nothing to give them. Because he knows when I have a lot I give without reserve!

Now I am here. With Jesus. Walking and following. And my life is changing. The pain from the last is going away. I am releasing the hurts. My addictions are gone. My body is being held and kept. I choose to live holy. I love those who treat me bad. I am living for God. I don’t follow rules of man. If God doesn’t say that’s the rule I need to follow. But when he places me under leadership I follow those rules. Because I love Him. 

Oh the old me is dead. I won’t even reminisce or think about how I would’ve reacted before.

See. Change is something only Jesus can give me. If I have been placed in his hand by God my Father, then he knows how to give me what I need in order to get the changes I need in life. 

So. Maybe just maybe. When people try and talk you out of down thing it’s because they don’t want you to form your own opinion. 

Like I was talked out of, forbidden actually, to go into a church all my life.

Oh. What a life I would have had had I believed those people. Still drinking. smoking nearly a pack of cigarettes daily. blowing trees like the breeze. new boyfriends, because after being with a man for almost four years and having my heart broken, and then experiencing pains that as a young woman protected from in long term relationships I never knew, Giving my heart away for another long term relationship was by in the plans. Sadness, depression this time of year missing my mother and father. Overeating and emotional eating. The list goes on.

But once I started this new life and walk with Jesus, he stripped these things off me. I brought him my tattered rags. And he is giving me the new magnificent apparel to wear. Righteousness, peace, love, joy, self control, mildness, goodness, faithfulness, kindness, FORBEARANCE! 

My God!! All this time I have been looking for cars and houses, husbands and diamonds, furs and clothing. Shoes and boots. Gidgets and gadgets. But God!!

He has been giving me all this good stuff on the inside to share with others. Those other things are just for me. 

How selfish!

But love, I can share. Kindness I can give away. Self control has people wondering what is keeping me so calm when everyone around me is screaming and calling me names. Calling my momma names too. 

Oh but Jesus!

And that’s why. It’s important to form your own opinions. Because only God knows who is supposed to be in our lives. 

Lean not on my own understanding. Or someone else’s perceptions. But God! Give Him glory in all things. Even in our interpersonal relationships. 

So I will. Walking in love. I will!


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