I had a friend thank me.
Praise God. If I have moved anything. Done anything. Sad anything. Helped anything. Praise God. I’ve never been that nice. But my love for Him makes me want to be kind to those He loves. But yeah. I just so happen to love this lady. So I might’ve. But still praise God.
We were talking about relationships. And how I was the only person who never said she needed to leave her relationship. 
That’s not my job. Pray.
That’s God’s job. To lead you and direct you. I can give you my roadmap. The word of God. And let Him do His job from there. I struggle to balance my own life in my own hands I cannot carry the world on my shoulders. 
Lean not on my own understanding, but in everything I do I need to acknowledge God.
I can only acknowledge Him for my needs. He wants that one on one relationship with you. He wants people to come to Him.
Not to man. But if only His people which are called by His name would humble themselves and seek his face. Not brother or sister so and so. Not your mother or father. Not your cousin, sister, brother. 
I had someone talk me out of my relationship. And the help I thought I needed was no longer available to me. And the stigma of being left with a baby followed. And when I went to visit her in her near million dollar home she purchased with her abusive mate I felt some type of way. The things her cousin told me her mate did to her, caused an eyebrow to raise. 
I was bitter.
See. I understand now that what we go through and who we choose is personal. I believe in the power of prayer to change. I believe with God anything is possible. He has changed me. He has changed people around me. 
My own two, sometimes four eyes have seen this. So now I have learned that my poor vision was intentional. I have been taught to walk by faith and not by sight.
I once loved. A man. He would beat his first love in the middle of streets. Later on he blackened the eye of the woman he was deep in love with. And he was honest with me about this. But he never touched me. And I know I hurt him in ways that should have had me worried or nervous. Kicking him out at 2 in the morning. Screaming and calling names, cussing and name calling. Or that time or two I did a couple of worse things than that. But not me. He never physically hurt me. While still a toxic relationship, I had to choose what I wanted to do. Because his past wasn’t necessarily going to reflect his future with me.
People learn lessons. And grow and change. And no one can make a person feel like their past behaviors are the end result of who God will help someone become! 
My Father who art in heaven, is skilled and masterful intelligent in his ways of taking broken pieces and turning them into masterpieces.
The next time your advice includes anything besides take that thing to God, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your true feelings. Because we should always want what god wants for a person. And no one can know what that is except for God. Our opinions mean nothing when God has a plan for us all.
He says. He knows the plans he has for us. To prosper us and not to harm us.

So how can my opinion include a course of action that may not be the best for you?

I live to love God. And be pleasing in His sight. And what is more pleasing than bringing his people to Him?
So I do. Keeping my opinions to myself. I know what I would do, but since my was and thoughts are not like Gods, silence is best when it comes to telling people what they should do in their relationship. 
Praise God! He gives wisdom!!! So ask Him for it. It is available to you as well!


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