I have had so many bad experiences in my life. When I was younger I didn’t have to wish bad on them. I would take matters into my own hands.

The best friend who slept with the one man I wanted to marry just so happened to find inappropriate pictures of herself on the popular social media site at the time.

Oh well. She shouldn’t have made me smell it. Decency would have at least had her waiting until i wasn’t around.

I lost a lot after that year. I definitely lost a friend who’s friendship would’ve been repaired. I chose something else over my education and had she been the voice of wisdom I was used to hearing about schooling, education and my intelligence I would have definitely chosen school. I may have even been at my destination by now.

But all things work for the good of those who love God.

I may love God but I may not have always shown love for people. Maybe a little selfish like David. But God still sees something in me to let something be birthed in me. Like God says in Hosea, he never wanted me to give sacrifices, he wanted me to want him.


Or the friend who talked me out of the help I needed, eventually turning family against me. I definitely shouldn’t have bad mouthed her and told all her business to someone I thought would keep her mouth closed.

Integrity. Is the key to loyalty.

Life becomes what you make of it, and vengeance is mine says the Lord.

My daughter saw a witch on the computer and wanted to watch the movie. I had to explain to her there are no good witches. Everyone who uses magic, or sorcery, or spells, or incantations, or divination, words they find to send dark angels to do wickedness to others or even perceived good for themselves is not pleasing to God.

I had to explain that to a childhood friend of mine who kept going to psychics for money spells. Sometimes Gods way is like the Isrealites way through the wilderness, a little bit longer, but there are some things we need in that wilderness that will prepare us for the jounrye ahead. God will not give us what we are not ready to handle, or incapable of dealing with.

Maybe like the young woman who a couple of complete strangers said was doing these dark arts on me. She wanted the relationship I had. She was probably one of many Katy Perry was singing about when she said, So you wanna play with magic?

There is a book store in my old neighborhood that has these books about gypsy spells, voodoo and hoodoo, and when I lived in Boston and heard my friends speak of their family and friends doing these things I thought it was just pretend.

Obviously when God told the Isrealites not to take the practices of the lands they were in, magic was probably one of them.

The Egyptians were good and known for what they tried to do. The Egyptians were the ones who were able to throw their staffs on the ground like Moses and make a snake too. But Moses’ staff turned snake ate the Egyptians’ staff turned snake.

People are doing more and more wicked things these days. They present themselves as people that should be acceptable to others and then go behind their closet doors praying to someone totally different than they do in public.

But you wont know people by who and what they say they are. You will know people by the fruitages of the spirit they carry around with them. The Holy Spirit.

See in instances like people who practice dark wicked arts the only way to fight their fire is with the fire of God. Praying. Living a life acceptable to God and turning our backs on the wickedness of the past. Letting the Holy Spirit lead, and applying the blood of Jesus.

See the young woman who thought she wanted my relationship and did whatever she could to destroy me and him in the process had a few different series of unfortunate events. God fought that battle for me.

God is constantly fighting battles. it doesn’t matter how long we feel we have been getting away with something. If we don’t repent and God keeps giving us the chance to change, or stop our behaviors which are displeasing to Him he deals with us personally.

In one of the last posts of the year for me, this is a call for repentance. Knowing that there are some people who come into other peoples lives to leech off the favor of God on their lives and pray against it. Or people who actually do what someone has taught them to do that gets their anointing snatched faster than Saul’s after being disobedient to God and keeping some of the animals God wanted destroyed but he saw was good for sacrificing, and needing to go see the witch of Endor after strictly forbidding such things amongst the Israelites.

Disobedience will have people who are used to hearing from God searching in places forbidden by God because of their need to manipulate situations to fit the life they want others to believe they lead and live.

I pray. We all live to love God for who he is and not what he has to give. And walk in obedience.

Live to love God, and fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Fearing God and keeping his commandments keeps us on the right track.

I hope to always find favor in his eyesight, even when I don’t find favor in the eyesight of man. God doesn’t see what man sees. He sees the hearts. People can distract you with their outer appearance. Make their appearance be that of a comely person. But their hearts be filled with hot garbage.


Choose wisely. Our choices make up the life we live and the world we live in.

Repentance is only a knee bend away. Praying to God our Father through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You can invite Him into your life by asking HIm. Being led by the Holy Spirit to find a good bible based church, and getting closer to God through His word.

Change can come for all.

I hope yours comes today.


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