A rat ran across my path yesterday on my way to New Year’s Eve service at church.

Here I am walking from my new place and taking the path that’s usually open. But this evening it had been closed. I had to climb and squeeze through the gate but before I did that the rat ran across my path.

I used to be afraid of rats. But my approach these days is like a hawk.

Hawks may give a fierce yell and attack with their hands for prey, like rats, but can be quiet and gentle creatures. Flying high to observe everything. Swooping down on rats.

Yeah. Stay high. Like a hawk, who was designed to destroy rats.

Rats have been designed for their purpose. Eating what others won’t. Social creatures who live in colonies. They have an inate fear of anything new. They stay intuned with their environment. And fitting in places many other things cannot.

Oh those rats!

Sometimes in life it feels like we’re in a rat race. A rat pack. Doing whatever one can to fit in.

Eating whatever. Not literally. Sometimes people leave scraps of information behind. Information that we’d do well to discard. Not carrying it back to the colony. Because the new addition to the colony is a threat, the goal is to get the person to leave because like rats who lose a fight in the colony the social stress that comes along causes that one to leave.

Did you know God is like a recycling bin. If you take the trash of information that people who may be hurting have left behind He can and will turn that information into a healing salve for the parties involved. If, in a rat like mentality, you take the trash back to the colony y’all all eat the trash. Continuing in a rat like mentality, continue to nest in your colonies of thought. And most rats burrow in small nasty spaces. Being known to destroy crops, the good harvest that others have planted.

My connections, God has blessed me with were just speaking about staying high. On another page. Blessing God with our words, not destroying others with them. Not running to take the trash and filth of words that don’t promote unity to people who need to stay on one accord.

I have had many crops of friendships eaten by people with rat like mindsets, eager to take the venting of a hurt filled rant back to someone I once connected with. Instead of being the mediator and taking it to God for Him to heal the hurt. So even when I apologize for my wrong doing, those with rat like behavior continue to bring the trash into the colony never quite allowing for the mentality and behavior to change.

But I serve a God.

Joel 2:24,25a And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with wine and oil. 25a And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten…

And the rats too?

Making connections only to be destroyed by someone in their own misery and bitterness to keep others apart. From being like the body that needs one another to effectively move the cross and work within the body of Christ to help people come to know God. Yes. You can praise Him real good but can you help others get to Him?

I can praise Him really real, but will I pick up my cross to help others get to him?

Not alone. We need one another.

So thankful I no longer look for pretty friends. We look fierce and important walking into clubs with all eyes on us. But I no longer live that life anyway. Those pretty faces keep one blinded. Look for the heart. And out of the heart the mouth speaks.

And words that cause divisions are the worst anti-Christ behaviors!

Proverbs 6:16, 19b These six things doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 19b and he that soweth discord among brethren.

I no longer fall for sorrowful woefilled stories of those whose hearts I don’t know because I have seen God give me peace in awful circumstances! And if you don’t know peace you might not know God, so I step back and ask Him to do His job.

Prayerfully. High under his wings. Like a hawk. With my other hawks. Not stooping like a pigeon. Or worse yet, scurrying like a rat. Not rat races. Not part of a pack. God had chosen and set apart. After all He is the Master Exterminator!

Thank you Jesus!

So whose side will you stand on for 2016?



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