I walk through my garage and people know my name and I’ve never even seen them before.

We have this humble position of taking people to their destination. Almost like chauffers. Sometimes that’s how people treat us.

But that pay though.

Therefore in order for some who struggle with humility, they take their money and get super fly. Never look like what you’re going through right?

It was me for a minute. Lashes, nails, weave. That’s me though. Always has been. But my priorities are changing. I want something more.

Anyway I been looking rough. And I joked about it with one of my coworkers. He said that outside stuff only goes so far. Because it faded and all you’re left with is conversation. Out of the heart the mouth speaks.


I’ve learned to be me. Staying in my lane. Sometimes I drive a 60ft bus and I don’t want to because I feel bigger vehicles deserve more lane. But that big bus fits between the lines of one lane if I take my time. If I work with the skill I have been trained with.

I can stay in my own lane.

It doesn’t matter about who likes it. Its for who its for. Sometimes only 20 people get on my 60ft bus. That’s because those are the people going in my direction. Those people need me to get them to their destination.

And I do it like its filled to capacity and they are obstructing the view out my front door.

Jesus had many followers when he was passing out the food, healing, and telling them what they wanted to hear. But when it came time to doing what he was sent to do people got little.

They like the popularity. But not so much the purpose.

My daughter asked me today who is her neighbor.

I gave her the account of the good Samaritan.

I broke it down like how you would speak to a five year old.

This account which is found in Luke 10 tells us by way of Jesus’ parable who our neighbors are.

I explained there was a man who got beat up and left for dead, on the side of the road. But a man passed him. The priest. The man of God. But he walked right past this man. Like he walked to the other side of the street to avoid even seeing the problem.

See anyone can talk about God but if he is not helping those in need how is he doing what Jesus asked us to do?

Then. The levite. The Levite’s were those who brought the sacrifices of men to the altar. They worshipped. He walked right past too. So I told my daughter, if a person can dance with their feet, sing with their lips and love God buy walk right past hurting people that’s not a neighbor.

I told her about the Samaritan. Samaritans weren’t accepted by Jewish customs. But this man saw a man hurting near death and took him to the help he needed.

A neighbor. Like sometimes its the person who doesn’t look like, act like, or is acceptable to the community that will help one out in need.

That’s who I love as myself. That’s who I can treat the way I treat me. Gifts and love. Smiles and concern.

I can’t help that as a bus operator I’ve been trained to notice everything. I just so happened to see you praise God with your hand lifted while everyone was watching. Then talk about that person exposing their heart to God with their crew behind that persons back.

I’m not a man easily duped and manipulated like perfect Adam was by perfect Eve. I’m a woman who knows the manipulative tactics of women. Because I once was her, who just so happened to be trained to see bicycles, taxi’s, ubers, lyfts, pedestrians, red lights in the distance, flashing hands in the distance, distracted motorists. To get my passengers to safe destinations. Who also has the help of the Holy Spirit.

I can’t brag on myself. But God in me is bad in a good way. Or cold according to this Chicago slang.

Yes. I know my lane.

The man standing outside of CVS, high on something he wouldn’t tell me what. Gave me a dollar. But through his words I knew he had a call. The devil don’t knock down people who don’t have purpose. But I gave him an invite to my church.

The woman being wooed by the Jehovah’s witnesses. I can tell her the truth of Jesus not being an angel. Or the paradise Paul saw in the third heaven.

Or the young woman who thinks a man who hurts her loved her. Or thinks that she needs to share her cookies to get that man to stay. Who didn’t understand how her assignment as a woman is to help, how powerful must a woman be to help a man. But when she finishes with God using me to speak to her she knows her worth.

She shows her man. He appreciates her more for it.

That’s my lane. My purpose is connected to my experiences. My life. My pain.

I’ve lost an uncle to Chicago street violence. Which in turn made my grandmother give up on life. Which in turn caused my mother to stop living after losing her mom.

But my life’s experiences have been the lack of power as a woman. And women are valuable. I live to live to uplift my neighborly sisters.

So I do. Not those who talk. But those who do.

Its never been a popularity contest. Jesus was quite unpopular at the end of it all. And not even received amongst his hometown. Don’t worry about who likes, or why they don’t like. Its about ministry. Its about people knowing Jesus. And if you live to make Jesus name famous, some people will not like, follow or accept.

But we do for the glory of God.

Will you continue to be, and do?




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