They say broken crayons still color. True. But their life span of colorful works is shorter than a full crayon.

How do broken people love broken people? In the bits and pieces they have available to do so.

In the parts that’s acceptable to them because they have yet to accept themselves. So that’s still limited.

Why do people feel so comfortable operating in limitations. Instead of fullness and wholeness. How do people focus on anyone else when they will always fall short of the glory of God so they are forever a work in progress.

I’m sorry there are too many things I look forward to working on within myself before I can ever say what you should do, when you should do it, and how.

How do you know what God told me to do? Do you know how to read hearts? If so help me please. My kind hearted nature tends to have me believing others are kind and loving until they try to suck the soul out of me.

The devil is busy. And he walks around in sheep’s clothing. Like that illuminating and disguising thing he is, quick to pretend he is light.

Don’t you see him, wondering out loud why so and so did this to him, all the while he’s gossiping, and turning you against your brother or sister. Because if the devil was really operating under Gods cloak he would take his problems with so and so to so and so, not to their sister or brother that they desperately need because obviously broken colors still color, just not to their full potential.

And no. Spirit of offense. which is really the spirit of pride. I’m not calling anyone the devil. I am calling the devil out of the people he got a hold of. Every sin opens the door to him. Greed, fornication, (same sex, or opposite) lying, envy, you know the list. It goes on and on. And no. There is no condemnation for our sins, but sin always has a consequence. And sometimes its giving the devil a foothold to our doorsteps.

You ever wonder why some people are always in the depths of despair? We all go through struggles and trials. But when you’ve got Jesus on your side, the one who will never leave you nor forsake you, things seem to be a little bit brighter, full of hope and faith.

Maybe those people keep inviting the devil in by their behavior and actions.

If you resist the devil he will flee.

Like that old gossiping devil.

Someone came up to me telling me all about who this person has dated and how she turned everyone against her. I listened. This was the second person coming to me to warn me about her. I shut her down though. I love her I said. I don’t want to hear this.

But when I got around the person who was mentioned I couldn’t seem to shut that demon of gossip down so fast and caught myself indulging some details I shouldn’t have.

I called the person I spoke of without her being there and apologized without going into too many details. But all of a sudden there was a shift in the environment that had once been comfortable for me.

That old gossiping demon was at it again. He was using someone who obviously keeps opening the door to him.

Resist the devil and he will flee.

I know there are some brave women that I look up to and admire. They take accountability, without placing too much blame on themselves, berating self, and they look to find ways to change from the inside out.

I wanted so bad to be one of those women four years ago so I began asking God to show me who I was and what was it inside of me that was displeasing to him.

The heart is wicked. Who can know it? the psalmist penned.

You don’t even know your own heart.

Bet you didn’t know that jealousy was hiding down there until someone did what you wanted to do and you began wondering why it wasn’t you.

Bet you didn’t know that greed was there until you were presented with something you always wanted and had the opportunity to share with others but you didn’t, for fear you couldn’t get as much as you wanted to get.

Oh the list.

I asked though. I dare you. You big bad and bold enough to help everyone else figure themselves out. Ask God to show you your heart.

I’ve noticed here in my place, I can clean every room to shiny perfection. But my bedroom door needed to stay closed, for a couple of days. Why is it I can do everything for others but can’t work on my personal stuff?

Oh but no. Not anymore. I walked into my space the other day and started unpacking and putting things into proper perspective. Everything must have a place.

So I put them in those places.

And my space was clean. I then went on to my daughters room. Then the kitchen, living and dining areas, lastly the bathroom.

I had to take care of me and my stuff before I could go to the next level. I then had the experience to know that what I did in my room was effective for my daughters, and what wasn’t so useful.

Just like life.

If your closet is nasty and dirty please don’t try to put glass cleaner on my windows. Because since you’re not used to cleaning you might use the wrong product, smear them up and now we have a bigger problem than we had before.


If I work on self. I can see clearly what troubles someone else. Once I get delivered I can see something in the next person that reminds me of what I came from, and being a faith witness like those in Hebrews 11, I am no longer just talking about people. Now I know the specifics in which to pray about.

No shade. Petty posts tickle me, but I choose to speak life. Like the bus I drive. I want to make sure everyone reaches their destination. Smile on face and lips closed, even when I get called out my name, because I’ve been delivered from anger and rage that had my vision so blinded all I would see is red.

See. I choose better. I choose people who choose to be better. and isn’t it nice to know that someone is choosy. Not just accepting what is happening but willing to put forth effort to add or replace.

Yes. I can cut people off. Some people like Judas sell you out for a couple of coins. Those coins are whatever they received in return. My pastor preaches people are seasons, reasons and lifetimes. I get to choose my lifetimes because they get to choose me. They show they want me in their lives by the effort they put into doing the things that show I’m appreciated, and the things they avoid doing because I am very vocal on telling a person to their face. When I get an opportunity to do so.

But who can I fault? I haven’t been in the shoes of anyone else to know why they behave the way they do. All I know is that they are still in the fight trying to be better today than they were yesterday. Even if they are only doing it in their mind.

So. Love. On purpose and out loud. It doesn’t have to be up close and personal, but kindness. A smile. A kind word. It really doesn’t take much. It all depends on what you have to give.

And that dear people depends on what’s in your heart.

So what’s in yours?


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