I fell in love with myself. 

No more striving for unattainable perfection that I always seem to give up on when it doesn’t happen in 0.2 seconds.

($&@#%) this (@&$*%).

Insert your expletives of choice.

And then it’s back to the bad habits. Which lead to the bad attitudes. Which leads to the bad attitudes given back to me. Which leads to tha bad treatment of others. Which leads to loneliness. Which leads to me believing I’m a personal failure.

And how can I love myself fully if I’m categorizing myself as a failure?

But them this beautiful. Girl. Woman. Militant baker. Shows how much she loves me. So much she write a book for me!

I’m sure it was for many other people. But I happen to be classified and fitting in this category.

A fat girl.

A fat girl who loves herself unapologetically. Only when I’m not so fat and working to achieve unbelievable goals.

But when I’m eating deep dish pizzas and two cupcakes daily, I’m kinda a 2009 movie.

I’m so not that into me.

But this Jes Baker! 


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