I’m quick to tell people these days I’m not dating.

I’m kinda in this relationship already.

As usual it’s one sided.

I long for. Yearn for. Talk to. Lay on. Bearing my all for. Stopping all interactions with others for our sacred time. 

And just sort of sits there. Lies there. Doesn’t respond. Let’s me bear my weight and just bounces back into place once I leave.

Dear bed.

I’ve grown tired of one sided relationships. You definitely, my dear, will be the last. I will use you for your intended purpose and no more. 

No more lazy naps in the midday. No more pondering moments watching the sun break day, when you just want to keep me stagnant. 

I should’ve been on the beach somewhere.

I love you. Dearly. I invested in you, greatly. However, I must move on to the better places of my life that don’t surround you. 

And use you for your intended purposes only. For regenerating of strength in you only. 

Gone but never forgotten.

Love always,

Radiance J.


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