Dear Freedom,

Thank you for coming to visit me yesterday. 

I’ve been longing to make your acquaintance for as long as I have been alive. 

You met me.

On the same track I once sat watching my other half play futball on. See I had been bound by the memories I had previously made on that track and was afraid to fly. Because I have taken flight before. The crash was unbearable. The shame was too much. The laughter of those I loved as they relished and watched my demise is still ringing in my ear.

But you came freedom.

You came to see about me.

I break chains all by myself. Beyonce reminded me.

I once used to smoke a pack of cigarettes daily. But I haven’t had one of those in three and a half years. Not even a puff.

I used to get faced with a B daily. Solo. Never been one to run in packs. I have this only child thing. I do not always like to share so, I rolled alone.

I used to spend every dollar. But guess who saved a lot of money by not buying an unecessary new outfit and shoes  for my daughter and I for a holiday. I am holding onto my rainy day funds.

I used to run until I was mentally tired even though my body could still go a little bit further. However, today I exhausted my body. I felt the pain.

No pain, no gain.

I used to say everything I did or intended to do was for my dead mother. But how can I live for the dead and be present for the living? 

Thank you Freedom for coming to rescue me.

See I can’t change my history but I can certainly make strides in love to make changes to my present and future.

I am not bound by the ideas and thoughts of man. I have no limits. Love from God taught me that. He is limitless. He is without boundaries. 

He has given me power.

Power to say what I am in Christ and remove sadness, anger, self pity, self loathing, envy, jealousy, lying, hatred, laziness, slothfulness, lust, deviousness, addictions, and unforgiveness.

Just to name a few.

And you know what else Freedom? 

I am finally free from the opinions of others. Andy Mineo said the only time you get validation is when you dont need it.

Ha ha. I am laughing out loud and living on purpose. 

You won’t catch me talking about dead ancestors when the ones I have living have defied the odds for a black family. 

My grandparents have been married for 60 years. As a young woman everytime I called my grandma asking for plane tickets to Chicago she would help me out. I could ask for $500 here, or $1000 there. Then the money was wired before I had a chance to think about it too hard. 

And even though I can still ask, I choose to walk on freedom by accepting consequences of my actions in life. I ask God for help. Not people. So I go where he sends me. Or I accept what He releases to me via another. I’m free like that to do that right there.

See Freedom. You showed me by my grandfathers many attempts at owning his own business that whatsoever I put my mind to I can accomplish. 

I have learned that only those oppressed continue to remind people that they are oppressed.

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

Thank you Freedom. Thank you for coming to see about me because of this relationship I have with Jesus!

I never thought you were real. I now know you walk with me. The chains had always been on my mind. They have never been on my physically. Once the mind is free the body has no other choice but to follow.

You, Freedom, are amazing!

Love you dearly,

Radiance J.


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