Dear back biting and gossip,

With y’all nasty, cantankerous, know it all but know nothing but the information thats been given that usually is a half truth. 

Just stop it.

You are causing people to miss out on their blessings.

Oh what a snake you have caused people to become.

I read about a snake once. He talked the original couple out of their home. In a garden. Where they could walk and talk with God all day long and had no worries at all.

I will never trust a snake.

You have made them, back biting and gossip, over look that scripture in Proverbs 6:16. You know. ..

 There are six things the Lordhates,

    seven that are detestable to him:   a person who pours out lies

        and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

Backbiting. Gossip. I’m only addressing y’all. I will not address the people that you have a hold onto. I will keep peace. Thats my portion from the Lord. But. Y’all so busy working in these people you got them talking about the fact that I told the self proclaimed transgendered hip hip hop diva, i love you. And gave a hug to match the heartfelt confession I gave to Sidney Starr.

I read verse 16-19. It said nothing about detesting showing love to people.  Because I was commanded to love my neighbor as myself. And I know I struggle with a few thorns. The Lord is pruning me now.

Then you got others gossiping about how I won’t make it to my dream destinations. 

They so busy doing detestable things that all the shouting they do in church falls flat as they miss out on Gods blessing by inciting his anger and reaping his judgement that brings punishment. 

Exodus 20:6 

But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands.

I know I’ve got some issues backbiting and gossip. I need mercy. I will not say another word. I repent. I will indeed shut up.

As much as my flesh wants to respond to gossip and backbiting and wants to talk about, laugh, rejoice over your pain when I was caused pain at your hands I can’t. 

You can not have my blessings. 

We get the same mercy we give to others. And since I seem adept at getting what I want, why would i be anything other than my happy and silly, lovable self. So I extend mercy. I will treat others as I want to be treated! 

I will recover all!

I’ve said my fair share about others. Sowing seeds of discord amongst those who may need each other one day. I never should have.

Oh gossip. You won’t get me again. Backbiting even you will come into subjection to the Lord Jesus to follow his word and stop attacking his people with your behavior. 

Im done. Its official. We can’t be friends anymore. Find time with those who see nothing wrong with the behavior you produce in them. But as for me. I’m not going the places you want me to be anymore.


Radiance J. 


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