Dear People Pleasing,

It’s so flipping over. The wheels you have carted rolling me in other directions I no longer want any parts of. The tumble weeds that have been tossed in the wind, in my direction, is nothing I want to associate with any more.

It causes people to be phony and fake.

I grew up in a religion that required me to do things for the acceptance and approval of people.

I see that on people now. They feel like if they make someone with influence and power like them they will be instafamous.

Nobody wants to perfect a gift but always want a platform.

People pleasing you almost got me. I almost started shucking and jiving for the powers that be.

I almost gave into your sneaky ways.

I kept reminding myself of the things I was doing that I would eventually need support from the masses for.

Then I remembered, I have never needed to please people when God has always been in control!

When I first made it to UIC people kept telling me to get in contact with my ex-husband. He was the man to know they said. I did not. Not until months later. But if I had he would have introduced me to the summer research program that paid a hefty stipend. And probably told me about the McNair scholars program and used his clout to get me in being so well known on campus. I mean he spent enough time doing my homework when we actually got together that my success would have been linked to what he did for me and not God!

He was never supposed to do those things. God has always been with me.

See people pleasing. I got that internship at Jewel/Osco as a manager in training. But had people pleasing gotten me in the door I wouldn’t have been able to look back and say God did that!

I was the only Af/Am major in the group of marketing and business majors.

And lastly, if I was so interested in being a part of the cliques and joined one by people pleasing at my new place of worship I would never have been able to say God touched my Pastors heart to get him to ask me to share a piece of poetry.

As afraid of the stage as I am. The person who repeatedly got stage fright as a child? Sharing my most intimate moments of defeat? My brutal pain? I was still struggling to share the piece without breaking down in tears?

I said yes because I do not like telling God no.

My stage is the world. I have always gotten my fair share of attention in it.

I don’t need to show my beauty. Carrying on on social media for likes. I will though. Eventually. I would hate for someone to be interested in me for my outer appearance as I feed their desires.

And we wonder why relationships fail. People don’t like each other. They just like how many likes that person gets. They like how the rest of the world perceives their mate. They feel a certain level of importance by having someone who is by the standards of social media, sought after. But they get to know who this person is on the inside and don’t like them much at all.

No. People pleasing. I am done.

I won’t support people who can’t respond to a simple text. Or call when they say they will.

I won’t do it just to get on their good side so they can speak highly of me when they have the power to shift a persons outlook of me. Especially if they are in or close to a person in authority. All in the name of people pleasing.

I rock with integrity and if integrity and a person not cool, I won’t rock with that person!

People pleasing. You think you are slick. Trying to get me to trade my favor with God for favor of men. But men are limited to whom they are connected to! God has no limits.

Jesus is the author and finisher of my faith. He knows the plans he has for me to prosper and not to harm me! I can’t focus on pleasing people and pleasing God. Especially when they want me to do things outside of what God wants me to do! That would make people an idol. And i know how God feels about idolatry!


You almost tricked me. But I got up out that jam. And please don’t come around these parts no more. I’m not pleasing people. So I won’t be pleasing you.

good day and be well,

Radiance J



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