Dear Superhero Cape,

I’ve been the storm, so I’ve been in the storm a long time. 

Because of that I am so quick to run to the rescue of my fellow storm mates. 

Oh you. Trouble in your relationships. Let me tell you. .. Help you… Open the doors to my place for you.

Oh you. Trouble in your finances. I only have a dollar, but I can give you a quarter. Now I don’t have the money to pay what I need because that dollar was supposed to cover it. But…

Emotional issues? I was always a wreck. I used to hide behind make-up and hair extensions. Long lashes and fancy nails. Not that there has ever been anything wrong with accessorizing ones beauty. However, my purpose was to blind a man with the outer beauty so he could ignore my deepseated issues with self. He could ignore my need for attention. He would ignore my insecurities. He would ignore my deepseated self hatred. The deep seated self hatred that comes from being rejected and abandoned. He would ignore my lack of respect for him because of my lack of respect for self, which would have me creating a home for him before he legally made me his wife.

Yeah. The bags were heavy. So instead of emptying my bag, I would choose to help others carry theirs. Never once have we resolved issues. It seems we just carry these bags to and from situation to situation adding more as we go.

But let me help you so I can avoid helping myself.

Or spiritual issues. I got a scripture to quote. Oh I know so much bible. So let me tell you…

But did I know Jesus? The Father said the only way to get to Him was through Jesus.

It’s like a CEO with the family business. The Father dealt with the rebels in Moses day. He got tired of doing business the way it was. All the burnt offerings. They no longer appeased Him. He talked some things over with His Son. They agreed to let The Son be the perfect redemptive sacrifice. 

Jesus agreed to leave the glory of the heavens. He agreed to be brutalized, beaten, betrayed and lied on just to name a few.

He was abandoned, mistreated and rejected. He told his disciples just to stay up and watch while he prayed. After he fed them, paid their taxes, privided a new life for them and showed them what real love looked and felt like?


So The Son, after rising, was given all authority on heaven and earth. 

He runs the family business now. He goes to The Father on our behalf. He understands this fleshly battle with demonic warfare. How we so desperately want to do right, but what we don’t want to do we do, like Apostle Paul.

Oh He knows.

Super hero cape. You wanted me to believe I have the ability to save. When only my savior died so I could have life. 

Oh oh. Then you have the audacity to make others upset with me when they need and I can’t supply. You are really manipulative sometimes. I did not come to save. I came to tell the world who saves. I came to intercede as Jesus intercedes so He can turn to our Father and say look. There is a need to be met. We ready to party in heaven and rejoice. One sinner is ready to turn away, resisting the devil so he will flee.

Not my job superhero cape. Not mine.

See. In finding this relationship with Jesus it’s like any other relationship. I wait for him to show me what I need to do. He speaks His word is koud and clear. Is His spirit big enough to call my spirit to action? 

Oh. Be a vegan you say Lord? Oh cut off so and so, you say Lord? Don’t do what? Call whom?

Obedience is truly better than sacrifice.

So no thank you superhero cape. I have learned to love and accept me. I have shed tears for the girl rejected therefore i dont need to look for acceptance in the clothes I wear (my outer appearance), the car I drive, or the people I connect to. 

I have sat on the couch of a rumored millionaire plenty of times. He is really quiet and humble. And every stack of bread I’ve asked for He went to the bank to give me.

Satan offered Jesus material things. Because thats all He can give. So that stuff doesn’t move me. As long as there are hungry people on the streets a thousand dollar bag won’t ever excite me. 

But Jesus. He gives joy and peace. He gives love and kindness.  He gives healing and healthy abundant life. 

So you can live quietly. A showy display is not necessary when it’s real and you are truly happy.

So superhero cape. I am going to focus on letting Jesus save me. 

Gotta hang you up these days.

Its been a fly ride.


Radiance J.


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